force measurement equipment calibration and repairsCSC Force Measurement provides sales of top quality force measurement equipment and accessories to clients all across the country. We serve a wide range of industries and offer a variety of services in addition to product sales. One way that we add value to the products that we sell is by offering force calibration services and on-site repair services. Our team of experienced technicians can offer accredited force calibration and repair at our location or yours, depending on your needs and the type of equipment that you use. If you are in need of calibration or repair services but are not sure if you have the right service provider to handle the job and ensure that you meet all of the industry requirements and government regulations related to your business, you can trust CSC Force Measurement to get the job done right.

Our Force Calibration Laboratory

One of the ways that we serve our customers is by providing force calibration services at our Southeastern Massachusetts laboratory. Our experienced technicians can offer calibration from 50 grams to 100,000 pounds of Force capability, as well as one-inch/ounce to 2,000 feet/pound of Torque. We can provide ISO 17025 accredited force calibration for most brands and models, and can also offer ASTM E4, ASTM E74, and Z540-1 compliant calibration. With competitive pricing and expedited services with a 24-hour or 72-hour turnaround available, our customers rely on CSC Force Measurement to keep their sensitive equipment and heavy-duty machinery running efficiently and effectively.

On-Site Calibration Services

In addition to performing laboratory-quality services at our facility in Massachusetts, we can also provide onsite calibration services. There are many benefits associated with hiring our team to come to your facility to perform on-site force calibration services. This premium service provides the maximum level of convenience while ensuring a high-quality level of calibration for your essential equipment. On-site services also help to reduce costs and eliminate downtime for equipment. Calibration and preventive maintenance services can be scheduled in advance, either annually or based on use, depending on the equipment requirements and industry regulations. Our team of experienced technicians can deliver the same quality and procedures as in-lab calibrations, and our services are designed to minimize the disruption to your processes for maximum satisfaction.

Factory Repair Services

Our team of experienced technicians are not just certified to offer accredited force calibration and repair but are also factory authorized to offer expert repair and advice for your force measurement equipment and accessories. All of our repairs are guaranteed ,and expert advice is provided free of charge. Most brands can be repaired by our team, but we are factory authorized to repair Lloyd Instruments, Chatillon, Mark-10, Dillon, and Mecmesin equipment. To learn more about our factory repair services, as well as the make and model of force measurement equipment that our team has been trained to perform repairs on, contact our team directly.

On-Site Repair Services

Similar to the on-site force calibration services that we offer at CSC Force Measurement, our team of experienced technicians can also offer on-site repair services for our clients. The advantages of having our team come out to offer these premium services include reduced downtime and eliminated costs for shipping equipment to be repaired. This can be particularly beneficial for high-value, sensitive, and over-size equipment that could be quite costly to ship back and forth. Our factory repair services can be performed on-site at your facility, helping to minimize disruption to your processes and ensure the accuracy and efficiency of your force measurement equipment. Our authorization for factory repairs are the same for on-site repair services as they are for in-house facility repairs, including brands like Mark-10, Chatillon, Lloyd Instruments, Dillon, and Mecmesin.

What Services Do You Need?

Some of the items that are available for service with our accredited force calibration and repair include force gauges, test stands, torque wrenches, and digital torque systems. In addition to performing these force calibration services and on-site repair services via our team of experienced technicians, CSC Force Measurement also sells calibration system equipment for those who want to take charge of in-house calibration services on their own. The CDI Multitest Basic Torque Calibration System, CDI Multitest Motorized Calibration System, CDI Suretest Calibration System, CDI Multitest Premier Torque Calibration System, and CDI Multitest Supreme Calibration System are just some of the products that we offer. Visit our website to read more about these products and to learn about our related services. You can also contact our team directly toll-free at 1-800-866-3672.