Accurate Repeatable Readings: Dillon Electronic Crane Scale

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Accurate Repeatable Readings Dillon Crane ScaleOne of the most important benefits of working with a quality precision measurement instrument is the ability to achieve accurate repeatable readings. Dillon crane scales, along with the entire line of professional Dillon products, have achieved this status. Scales are used to maintain and manage the goods, products, and materials that are used in our daily lives. Through the use of digital readouts, industry professionals can accurately monitor and measure throughout the project, to ensure quality and consistency.

The Dillon EDXtreme Crane Scale

One of the more popular options in electronic crane scale products from Dillon is the Electronic Crane Scale EDXtreme. This model provides accurate repeatable readings and has achieved the higher standards set for the EDX line of Dillon crane scales. These standards work to ensure that all of the material characteristics, load element design, and strain gauge are working together seamlessly to provide superior results. A typical accuracy for this particular scale is 0.1 percent of full-scale capacity. By providing an enhanced resolution mode that provides 1 part in 5,000, this electronic crane scale provides a high level of readability, which is required for refined weighing and measurement.

It was important to Dillon that they be able to design and build a precision measurement instrument that could provide accurate repeatable readings. The many years of experience and knowledge that stand behind all Dillon crane scales shine through in the EDXtreme. Their engineers utilized their unique depth of industrial application knowledge, conducted exhaustive testing of various materials, and worked with the goal of achieving the highest structural integrity possible. There are two distinct parts to the EDXtreme, which include the EDXtreme Dynamometer and the crane scale hardware kit, which comes standard with a swivel hook, an oversized shackle assembly, and a wooden shipping and storage crate.

Accurate and Easy-to-Use

The Dillon EDXtreme features an exclusive SOFTKEY interface, which is designed to eliminate confusing menus and allow for easier set-up and use. Local gravity correction works to adjust to various conditions without having to recalibrate. Choose your user-defined units of measurement to customize the instrument according to your requirements. This precision measurement instrument features a wide-angle, backlit LCD to improve readability at various angles. The backlighting helps to read the measurements easier in low-light conditions. Powered by two standard C-cell batteries, which are easily accessed on the device, replacement is simple and fast.

Dillon crane scales are designed to stand up to extreme conditions, and the EDXtreme exceeds the industry standard. The high capacity models are made from powder-coated, aircraft-quality alloy steel, while the lower capacity models are made from powder-coated aircraft-quality aluminum. Both possess superior strength and resistance to corrosion for long-lasting durability and continued accurate repeatable readings. Computer modeling has been used to confirm the low-stress and long product life in the EDXtreme crane scale design, making it a clear choice for reliable measurement in any environment.

Customize Your Experience

A variety of different configurations of this electronic crane scale can be used to provide accurate repeatable readings in different situations. For example, the stand-alone EDX can be used for direct measurement applications, however, a Communicator can be added to an EDX radio crane scale to monitor the load at each scale, plus the total weight. Multiple networks can also be used with multiple Communicators, depending on your needs. In addition to the Dillon Electronic Crane Scale EDXtreme, CSC Force Measurement also carries two other Dillon crane scale products, including the Dillon Electronic Crane Scale EDJunior and the Dillon Mechanical Dynamometer/Crane Scale Series AP.

The Dillon EDJunior is designed to provide value to the user. The simple design, easy operation, top quality and performance of this electronic crane scale offers a very cost-effective solution, long service life, and worker safety. It produces an accuracy of .02 percent of full-scale and can handle capacities of up to 10,000 lbF (5,000 kgF) with a resolution of 1 part in 1,000 to ensure readability for critical lifting applications. The Dillon EDXtreme has lifting capacities ranging from 2,500 lbF (1,000 kgF) to 50,000 lbF (20,000 lbF), depending on your needs. All EDXtreme Crane Scales include a certificate of calibration for increased accuracy. To see our full line of Dillon crane scales for accurate repeatable readings, visit CSC Force Measurement at or contact our sales team at 1-800-866-3672.