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ASTM D1894: Using a COF Testing System for Friction Testing

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COF Testing System - Coefficient of Friction Testing SystemThe testing standard that was designed to measure the friction of plastic film and sheeting is known as ASTM D1894; however, it can also be used for other testing applications. The method involves the measurement of the initial and moving friction of one material that is dragged across another. This type of testing is also commonly called static or initial and kinetic or moving coefficients of friction (COF). A COF testing system can be adapted to test nearly any type of product or material that requires friction testing. One example would be a friction test of non-slip work shoes against an anti-slip paint or floor coating. This type of testing is significant in many types of product development.

What is in a COF Testing System?

The test that is performed requires a universal testing machine or motorized test stand, a low force load cell, and a COF apparatus, such as a coefficient of friction gauge. Similar to other digital force gauges, the coefficient of friction gauge is used to calculate the static COF, and the average force is used to calculate the kinetic COF. To ensure proper performance of your COF testing system and to ensure that you have everything you need to perform it properly, it is highly suggested that the specifications for ASTM D1894 are read and understood. You can also work with our highly expert sales team at CSC Force to determine the best equipment for the job.

The Mark-10 M5-2 Coefficient of Friction Gauge is a very popular model used in COF testing system applications by our clients. It should be used with a compatible motorized test stand, the coefficient of friction gauge (COF gauge), and a COF fixture. This particular model provides a capacity of up to 2 lbF (10N), and the gauge can be used to measure friction for a wide range of materials, conforming to ASTM D1894 specifications and other industry standards. A backlit LCD screen displays both the static and kinetic coefficient measurements, which are calculated from a user-programmable sled weight. This can be customized to meet your needs and requirements, adapting easily for use with many different materials.

Data Collection & Custom Settings

One of the big advantages to using the Mark-10 M5-2 Coefficient of Friction Gauge with your COF testing system is that data can be collected and transferred directly to a PC or data collector via USB, RS-232, Mitutoyo (Digimatic), or analog outputs, depending on your needs. The onboard memory can hold up to a thousand readings is included in this purchase, allowing statistical calculations to be easily stored and output to a PC. Mark-10 has integrated set points with indicators and outputs to provide simple pass-fail testing. This coefficient of friction gauge can also be used to trigger external devices, including relays, alarms, and motorized test stand equipment.

The user can customize the COF testing system through the use of the Mark-10 M5-2 COF guage and provide password protects to prevent unauthorized or accidental changes to settings. This device can also be used to perform a number of tension and compression testing applications, further enhancing its value and abilities. Based on the popular Mark-10 Series 5 of advanced digital force gauges, this model also includes the full set of functions and settings seen in other models within the same series. MESUR™ Lite data acquisition software is included with the Mark-10 M5-2 COF digital force gauges, which can tabulate continuous or single point data. Saved data can be downloaded in bulk using a one-click export option to Excel for further data manipulation.

Build a COF Testing System

If you are interested in putting together a COF testing system based on your testing needs, contact CSC Force Measurement and speak with one of our engineers. We can provide you with insight and information that will help you to make an informed decision for best results. The Mark-10 M5-2 Coefficient of Friction Gauge is an important part of any COF testing system. We also have a wide range of motorized test stand equipment, digital force gauges, and other essential gear available through our website. Give us a call toll-free at 1-800-866-3672 to speak with an agent or to place your order for a COF testing system at CSC Force Measurement.