Bending and Flexural Fixtures: Why the Grips You Use Matter

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Bending and Flexural Fixtures for Sample TestingWhen it comes to materials testing for industry, the grips and fixtures that you choose can make a big difference in the quality control of your product. When testing a sample, having the proper grip is essential in the determination of test repeatability. The key is to hold the sample firmly to avoid slippage while being careful not to distort the sample or introduce any changes in its performance due to the gripping fixtures. Mark-10 equipment has earned a solid reputation in the industry for providing top quality gauges, grips, and fixtures. When it comes to bending and flexural fixtures, the Mark-10 G1072 Opening Force Fixture Set is an excellent solution for determining the amount of force required to open a flat folded carton along its score lines. Many different industries utilize this test, including food and beverage, biomedical and medical device manufacturing, and consumer products.

What Does the Mark-10 Opening Force Fixture Set Do?

These bending and flexural fixtures are designed to be used with either Mark-10 test stands or Mark-10 force gauges. It can be used to create a complete opening force testing system, depending on the needs of the user. The Mark-10 G1072 Opening Force Fixture Set features a set of upper and lower dies, which can be easily removed and used to accommodate a variety of different sizes for packaging materials. The maximum force of these gripping fixtures is 50 lbF or 250N. A motorized test stand is recommended for use with these grips, such as the Mark-10 Motorized Test Stand Model ESM303.

Other test stands that can be used with this Mark-10 equipment include:

  • ESM Series – ESM301, ESM303
  • ES30 and ES10/ES20, when used with the optional 14-1068 mounting plate
  • TSC1000
  • TSF and TSFM500

When you choose the right gripping fixtures based on your testing needs, you should have equipment that features the ability to properly adjust the alignment and tightening of the sample, will work with the size capacity required, and have all of the characteristics for loading, including axial force or torque. However, most industry standard methods will often specify the gripping method that must be used. CSC Force Measurement sells a wide variety of gripping fixtures designed to work with Mark-10 equipment to better meet the needs of all our customers.

Different Types of Gripping Fixtures

In addition to the bending and flexural fixtures used in the Mark-10 Opening Force Fixture Set, there are a variety of other gripping fixtures that can be purchased through CSC Force Measurement. We carry equipment, tools, and accessories for top industry brands in addition to Mark-10 equipment. With regard to grips and attachments designed for use with Mark-10 test stands and force gauges, here is an overview of the options currently available. Contact our team direct for information on custom gripping fixtures and solutions.

  • wire terminal grips
  • dual roller grips
  • turret-style wire terminal grips
  • film and paper grips – standard and pneumatic
  • wedge grips
  • parallel jaw grips
  • vice grips – standard and self-centering
  • universal cap grips
  • mini grips – component and wedge
  • 90-degree peel fixture grips
  • score bending fixtures
  • chuck grips
  • multi-jaw grips
  • universal bottle grips and V-jaw grips

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We are dedicated to providing our customers with a comprehensive line of force gauges, testing machines, grips, fixtures, and software for data collection or machine control. Our mission is to ensure that our clients have the very best equipment available for tensile/compression testing with complete accuracy in the lab, one the production line, or in the field. Quality control managers within a wide range of industries have relied on CSC Force Measurement for over 50 years to provide them with proven performance in digital force gauges, mechanical force gauges, push/pull force gauges, torque products, test stands, spring testers, calibration services, dynamometers, gripping fixtures, and testing software.

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