Mark-10 testing equipment for food and beverage industryA lot of testing goes into the packaging that is developed for use with food and beverage products for consumers. While most people don’t even think about the materials used to create that bag of potato chips or the bottle cap on top of a milk carton, numerous tests are performed by manufacturers to ensure that the products are properly protected. Mark-10 testing equipment, such as the ASTM F88 Peel Test System and assorted vice action grips, film and paper grips, and required interface cables, can help package designers to make sure they have met all requirements and goals.

There are tests for torque to ensure that your bottle of barbecue sauce or ketchup opens easily, yet offers the right amount of protection. Manufacturers also conduct load testing to ensure that products that are designed to be stacked will be safe at the store and in your home. Package testing involves a lot of different types of tests to ensure that food and beverage products are ready for consumption. Opening tabs, closing lids, tearing off handles, and pulling open bags are just some of the functions that must be tested. The package itself needs to be strong and durable, yet easy enough for anyone to open.

The Mark-10 Peel Test System

CSC Force Measurement carries a large selection of quality Mark-10 products, including the popular Peel Test System. A complete and fully functional testing system designed to meet the ASTM F88 testing standard for the most common testing methods, this solution includes a 90-degree supported and unsupported method for Technique A and Technique B testing. It also offers additional support for the 180-degree method or Technique C testing, which can be added to the basic system for a nominal cost, along with an alignment plate to support the test specimen. Everything you need to perform accurate and repeatable peel testing, including peak force readings, proper speed control, and average force readings, is included in with this Mark-10 system.

The standard equipment for the ASTM F88 Peel Test System includes vice action grips and jaws, film and paper grips, the Mark-10 Series 5 Digital Force Gauge, and the Mark-10 ESM303 Motorized Test Stand. Options for overload protection, auto return, and all ISO 17025 accredited calibration with required certificates are available as well. CSC Force Measurement includes all necessary interface cables and adapters for the functional testing system. In addition, advanced software with the ability to graph the results of the testing, data collection for average peel force, and other reporting capabilities are also available, depending on your needs. Pneumatic grips in addition to the manual vice action grips can be added to this Mark-10 testing equipment system.

Why Quality Testing Matters

When it comes to developing packaging solutions for the food and beverage industry, it is essential to have testing instruments that can stand up to repetitive tests. Mark-10 testing equipment, including the peel test system, vice action grips, and film and paper grips, provide everything you need to get consistent and repeatable results. At CSC Force Measurement, we also carry a wide variety of force and torque measurement equipment, gauges, and accessories that can be used with just about any testing application. Our team can assist you in choosing the best tools for food and beverage industry testing due to our many years of supporting our customers with this type of service.

Mark-10 film and paper grips are designed for use with thin materials, such as film, paper, and plastic. These vice action grips are used to hold onto the material for tensile and peel testing, according to ASTM F88, as well as other related standard testing models. The grips feature adjustable serrated interlocking jaws, which are used to secure the samples and provide up to 100 lbF (500 N) of force. An ergonomically-designed rubber knob is used to quickly and easily engage and disengage the sample material. Increased durability and longevity is provided through the use of a precision ACME screw for accurate and repeatable results. Choose from one of four widths, including 1.25, 3.0, 5.0, and 7.0 inches, to support a wide range of product testing.

Custom Product Support

If you are interested in learning more about our options for Mark-10 testing equipment or would like to see more details regarding the ASTM F88 Peel Test System, vice action grips, and assorted film and paper grips, give us a call toll-free at 1-800-866-4672. Our team of highly trained and experienced sales professionals can help you find the best solutions for your specific needs. Call today for a FREE quote or to place your order for quality Mark-10 testing equipment at CSC Force Measurement.