Bottle Cap Testers for Industry: Mecmesin Tornado Cap Tester

bottle cap testersForce measurement testing for manufacturing must be accurate and dependable. It is also essential to purchase torque tester equipment that can offer a wide range of options in order to meet time and test requirements. The VTG Tornado cap torque tester from Mecmesin provides a variety of advanced functions and features designed to set it apart from other closure torque meters currently on the market. These Mecmesin bottle cap testers feature a five-inch color touchscreen with a dual-zone display, providing the operator with easy access to readings and data during testing and the ability to transmit results directly to a PC or printer for further analysis.

Highly Configurable & Accurate

Measuring the performance of both plastic and metal tamper-evident closures requires multiple reading captures. The VTG Tornado Mecmesin cap testers are designed to provide both the standard maximum reading and offer a configurable first-peak function. This feature provides the operator with both the initial slip torque and bridge-breaking torque measurements to ensure the performance of the closures, going beyond a simple maximum reading to record both characteristics. Choose from a variety of standard units, depending on your needs, including peak readings in,, kgF.m,, and more. Available in four distinct capacity models, this torque tester equipment can be purchased according to your needs, ranging from 1.5 Nm to 10 Nm.

Bottle top testers are crucial to manufacturers that utilize bottles and caps for production. It is essential to ensure that the caps can be twisted off easily by the consumer or intended end-user while still maintaining a safety seal until the product needs to be opened. The caps cannot be too tight, too loose, or experience issues with tamper-evident closures to ensure the integrity and usability of the finished product. Force measurement equipment, such as this closure torque meter from Mecmesin, can be used in the lab during product development or on the production line for quality assurance. The accuracy of the Tornado cap torque tester is +/- 0.5 percent of full scale and comes with a calibration certificate traceable to national standards. An ISO 17025 calibration certificate can be provided by CSC Force Measurement upon request.

Powerful Results & Data Transmission

The touchscreen feature of these Mecmesin cap testers provides peak readings in the upper zone of the dual-zone display. The lower zone offers a live graphical plot of the torque that is being applied. This helps the operator to quickly and easily identify critical events as they occur, including release torque, bridge-breaking of a TE band, and strip torque. In addition, the operator may switch the lower view to a statistical overview, which provides calculations for MAX, MIN, Average, and Standard Deviation from the peak readings that are captured and stored in the onboard memory.

An external SD memory card captures all of the individual data points for each test in CSV format to allow for easy exportation to Excel, as well as other software packages. However, individual results can also be transmitted immediately during testing via RS232 to a PC or a printer for analysis. In addition, the onboard memory allows storage of more than 500 peak results, making it perfect for mass storage when batch testing. After testing, these results can also be downloaded quickly and easily to a printer or a PC for analysis. A configurable alarm setting can be activated, which alerts the operator with red and green lights during testing, notifying when the torque reading is within or outside of the tolerance limits for the particular closure. A password-protected lock function is also available to prevent accidental changes by the operator during use or between operators with different skill levels.

The Mecmesin Bottle Cap Testers

Portable, splash-resistant, and easy-to-use, the VTG Tornado is a leading-edge digital torque tester that combines intuitive touchscreen control with all-around and dedicated closure measurement features. Powered by Vector OS, these Mecmesin cap testers feature a versatile, IP54-rated portable touch screen and features that can be used with a diverse range of products. Whether you need to measure cap torque for clockwise and counter-clockwise rotations or verify the viability of tamper-evident (TE) closures, you can trust the Mecmesin Tornado Cap Torque Tester to get the job done right. Interested in this closure torque meter or any other high-quality products from Mecmesin and other leading force measurement industry torque tester equipment? Contact CSC Force directly by calling 1-800-866-FORCE.