Top Force Measurement Equipment: Mark-10 Motorized Test Stands

One of the most comprehensive and valuable pieces of force measurement equipment you can have at your disposal for both labs and production testing is motorized test stands. Versatile and rugged Mark-10 test stands and highly configurable and offer options for tension and compression measurement of up to 300 lbF or 1.5 kN in the…

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New Lloyd NexygenPlus Software: Data Collection and Analysis

As the demands for data collection and analysis within the force measurement testing industry expand and grow, materials testing software must be ready to evolve to meet industry needs. Lloyd Instruments, one of the most well-known brands in force measurement testing, has released the Lloyd NexygenPlus software version 4.1, which is a multilingual program designed…

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Force Measurement Test Equipment: Lloyd Instruments Products

force measurement test equipment

When it comes to finding the best digital material tester, test stand equipment, and accessories, where you shop can be just as crucial as the brand that you ultimately buy. In order to achieve accurate and repeatable results that you can trust, you need to have force measurement test equipment that is designed to meet…

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Dillon Industrial Crane Scales: Accurate & Repeatable Readings

industrial crane scales

Everything about the Dillon EDXtreme Crane Scale is extreme. If you are looking for accurate and repeatable readings, these industrial crane scales from Dillon are designed to meet or exceed your expectations. With incredibly high standards that focus on ensuring that material characteristics, load element design, and strain gauge all work together perfectly, the result…

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Professional Force Torque Calibration, Products, and Services

force torque calibration

Today, most manufacturers and businesses are looking for new ways to reduce overhead and cut costs across the board. However, there are still essential services and tasks that must be performed to ensure the quality and consistency of the product that they are developing for their target customer base. Quality control, research and development, safety…

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Get Accurate & Repeatable Results with Mark-10 Test Equipment

mark 10 test equipment

Whenever you are testing parts, components, or products, it is essential to have the best possible force measurement equipment available to achieve accurate and repeatable results. At CSC Force Measurement, we only carry quality products. We are a stocking distributor for Chatillon, CDI, Dillon, Lloyd Instruments, Mecmesin, and the well-known Mark-10 products. We also work…

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Adjustable Torque Screwdriver & Tools for Precision Results

adjustable torque screwdriver

Certain projects require more precision than others. At CSC Force Measurement, we sell a series of adjustable torque screwdrivers, wrenches, and interchangeable tools designed to support even the most demanding work. The Tohnichi adjustable torque wrench, adjustable torque screwdriver, and other handheld tools offer many features that can be helpful in the workplace. Each device…

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Bottle Top Testers: The Mark-10 Instruments Cap Torque Tester

With a solid reputation in the force measurement instrument industry, Mark-10 Instruments offers a wide range of testing equipment that can be used for many different applications. One device, in particular, is the Series TT05 Cap Torque Tester, which boasts a capacity that ranges from 12 to 100 and an accuracy rating of…

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Slip Resistance Testing: Portable Horizontal Pull Slipmeter

horizontal pull slipmeter

Product testing is done for a number of reasons. It can be performed during the development and pre-production phases to ensure a quality and dependable product. It can be performed on the production floor to check for consistency and quality results. Product testing can even be done post-production in the environment where the material or…

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Accurate, Repeatable Results: Chatillon Torque Sensors & Gauges

chatillon torque sensors

It is crucial to choose the proper force measurement test equipment for your needs. CSC Force Measurement carries a wide range of torque sensors in top industry brands to provide our customers with the accurate and repeatable readouts they require. Single touch operations, unique applications, industry-specific options, portable handheld instruments, and other specifications can be…

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