The Accurate, Dependable Mechanical Force Gauge from Dillon

mechanical force gauge

One of the most essential qualities of any type of compression measurement instrument is that it’s got to be accurate, dependable, and repeatable. When it comes to force measurement equipment, Dillon is one of the top names in the business. The Model U Force Gauge is a mechanical force gauge designed to provide a +/-…

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Digital Force Gauges: Mecmesin Force Measurement Equipment

mecmesin force measurement

When you need more than just a basic force gauge, something that will help you to achieve all of your testing goals and deliver dependable and accurate results, you want to consider Mecmesin Force Measurement equipment. As an authorized distributor for Mecmesin and some of the top names in the force measurement industry, CSC Force…

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Table Top Torque Testers: Vortex-dV Motorized Torque Instrument

table top torque testers

Searching for a versatile and affordable motorized torque tester? Look no further than this Mecmesin torque tester, the Vortex-dV, which is designed to significantly enhance the repeatability of test results for increased accuracy and dependability. These table top torque testers are motorized and can improve greatly on the variability encountered with manual torque testers where…

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Mark-10 Gripping Fixtures: Syringe Compression Fixture Testing

syringe compression fixture

Force measurement testing instruments, such as the ESM303 test stand from Mark-10, are designed to be used with a wide range of gripping fixtures and accessories for accurate testing of specific products. One example is the syringe compression fixtures available from CSC Force Measurement and designed by Mark-10 to be used with their test stands.…

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Factory Trained Repair and Services at CSC Force Measurement

factory trained repair

Most manufacturers and companies today are seeking for innovative ways to save overhead and lower costs overall. To guarantee the caliber and consistency of the product they are creating for their intended consumer base, some vital services and duties must still be carried out. No matter the price, it is impossible to eliminate quality control,…

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Medical Ergonomics Testing in the Workplace: Mark-10 EK3 Kit

medical ergonomics testing

For workplace ergonomics and the testing of consumer goods and equipment, tension and compression force measurement is crucial. The fundamental goals of medical ergonomics testing is to eliminate the possibility of musculoskeletal injuries occurring when using the aforementioned product, piece of machinery, or gadget. Manufacturers in a wide range of industries should place a high…

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Single Column Force Tester from Mecmesin Testing Equipment

single column force tester from Mecmesin

Many different types of manufacturing will require the use of a force measurement test stand from time to time. It is essential to choose a professional material tester that meets all of your industry standards and requirements. Mecmesin testing equipment has earned a solid reputation in the force measurement testing industry and their new OmniTest…

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Mark-10 Advanced Test Frames for Tension & Compression Testing

advanced test frames Mark-10

The Mark-10 F Series family of advanced test frames force measurement test stands offer a versatile and dependable option for both tension and compression force testing. With force capabilities ranging up to 500 lbF (2.2 kN), operators can choose from vertical or horizontal orientations, as well as a wide range of force sensor capacities and…

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Chatillon Digital Force Gauge for Accurate, Repeatable Results

chatillon digital force gauge

When searching for a performance gauge that can be used for basic and complex applications, consider the Chatillon digital force gauge DFS3 series. It offers excellent pricing, performance, and flexibility for either handheld force gauge use or test stand applications. Easy-to-use, compact, and surprisingly lightweight, the DFS3 Series can be customized and equipped with integral…

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Bottle Cap Testers for Industry: Mecmesin Tornado Cap Tester

bottle cap testers

Force measurement testing for manufacturing must be accurate and dependable. It is also essential to purchase torque tester equipment that can offer a wide range of options in order to meet time and test requirements. The VTG Tornado cap torque tester from Mecmesin provides a variety of advanced functions and features designed to set it…

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