Force Measurement for Industry: Rip Strength & Puncture Resistance

force measurement for industry

One of the best ways to learn how our force measurement equipment works is to learn about how it is used to support a variety of industry needs. One example is when a well-known travel bag company came to CSC Force in need of testing for rip strength and puncture resistance. The luggage’s fabrics were…

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Data Collecting and Analysis Software for Digital Force Gauges

data collecting and analysis software

Measuring force and torque is useless without the ability to gather information and evaluate test findings. One of the most potent solutions for data collecting and analysis software is the Mark-10 MESUR Software series. It is intended to be compatible with digital force gauges, torque gauges, travel displays, and other devices, including the most popular…

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Tools for Force Measurement: Analog and Digital Force Gauges

tools for force measurement

Tools for force measurement are used by manufacturers in almost every industry for critical, practical product development. A wide variety of instruments are available for precise force measurement. There are two types of force: push and pull. Force is invisible, yet it is visible when it is at work. These measurements are obtained using a…

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Dillon Tension Meters: Essential Tension Meter Testing

Dillon tension meters

Heavy cable wires and ropes are essential to the daily operations of many different businesses. The typical individual underestimates how much they depend on high-quality cable lines. Elevators, zip lines, ski lifts, and overhead cables for phone and power services all require heavy cable wires. These vital services must be kept safe, which implies that…

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Force Measurement Equipment: The Best Test Stands for Industry

force measurement equipment

There are several options available for businesses to consider using for force measurement equipment. While there are several features and functions found in testing machines nowadays, there is one key distinction that is utilized to classify the equipment. Manual machines are non-motorized test stands that allow the operator to complete testing by hand, whereas motorized…

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The Best Gripping Fixtures and Attachments for Applications

gripping fixtures for specific test applications

Mark-10 force gauges, torque gauges, sensors, and test stands all require gripping fixtures and attachments to produce accurate data for pull testing applications and other sorts of testing. There are several possibilities available, depending on the objective of the product being evaluated. Grips and accessories are mounted to the testing system. Some gauges and sensors…

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Compression Force Sensors for Industry Force Measurement Testing

compression force sensors

The load cell is the central component of any reliable weighing system for conducting industry force measurement testing for industrial purposes. When you shop with CSC Force Measurement, you’ll have access to top-tier branded load cells that will allow you to build a force measurement system that is perfect for your application. Working closely with…

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Lifetime Free Technician Support for Force Measurement Equipment

free technician support

Customers from all over the world have trusted CSC Force Measurement for more than 50 years to give them the best sales, service, and support. We are committed to delivering quick, helpful, and dependable service for everything we do, from selling force measurement equipment and helping you choose the right tools for your needs to…

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Force Measuring Equipment: Medical Industry Multi-Stage Test Procedures

force measuring equipment

Many companies rely on force measuring equipment to guarantee that their packing materials are of high quality, consistent, and provide enough protection. This include not just the materials but also any packaging parts, transportation containers, and related research and production procedures. Lloyd instruments testers are highly sought after by our clients due to their comprehensive…

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