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CSC Force Brand Spotlight: Shimpo Force Measurement Products

shimpo force measurement products

Serving many industries as a stocking distributor for top force measurement brand names like Chatillon, Dillon, Lloyd Instruments, CDI, Mark-10, and Mecmesin, we also carry a wide range of excellent products from other manufacturers at CSC Force Measurement. One of the brands that we provide to our customers is Shimpo force measurement products, in particular,…

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The Low-Cost Method to Control Forces and Prevent Overloads

control forces and prevent overloads

At CSC Force Measurement, we help our customers find the products, tools, and equipment they need to safely perform the required tasks. One of the most versatile and beneficial tools that we sell in the force control switches category is the Dillon DynaSwitch system. It acts like a 24/7/365 sentinel with seven different load capacities…

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Multiple Types and Capacities: Chatillon Hanging Scale Series

Chatillon hanging scale

Sometimes known as “crane scales,” depending on the industry, hanging scales are used in several ways to provide weight measurement via the use of hooks to suspend a load. As you might expect, hanging scales are standard in warehouses, shipyards, shipping depots, and manufacturing facilities. Specialized Chatillon hanging scale options are available, including the linear…

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The Best CDI Torque Testing Tools and Solutions for Industry

torque testing tools

Manufacturers, mechanics, and regulatory agencies all utilize digital torque tester technology to test the reliability, repeatability, and precision of torque wrenches and equipment. CDI Torque testing tools are some of the best in the business, utilizing the testing standards and protocol developed by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) for accuracy. The Digital Torque…

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Chatillon Digital Crane Scales: Economy & Precision Solutions

digital crane scales

With more than 180 years of experience working in the field of force measurement, Chatillon has earned a solid reputation for providing quality force gauges, torque gauges, and test stands for a wide range of materials. Formed in New York in 1835, Chatillon has been a leader in force measurement for generations. CSC Force Measurement…

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Why Accredited Calibration Matters: Force Measurement Testing

accredited calibration services

Calibration is required for a variety of different types of machinery. For the sake of this article, we are talking about accredited calibration for force measurement tools and systems. Calibration is necessary to ensure accurate data and performance. It is used in research labs and for high-value equipment on production floors. The more you can…

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New Package Testing Trends: Mark-10 Grips and Peel Fixtures

grips and peel fixtures

Recent innovations in food packaging systems, as well as an increased interest in sustainable and eco-friendly plastics, have made it challenging for manufacturers to create packaging that meets all of the demands. In addition, government regulations and industry requirements regarding certain types of packaging, such as child-proof designs for the pharmaceutical industry and other products…

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Load and Torque Measurement: Chatillon Load and Torque Sensors

load and torque sensors

There are many different industries that rely on load and torque sensors as part of a digital force tester system, such as the Chatillon DFS II-R-ND series digital indicator. Chatillon load sensors and torque sensors are what is known as a “plug and play operation,” designed to work perfectly with a force gauge load measurement…

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Ensure Proper Calibration With a Digital Torque Tester System

digital torque tester system

There are a variety of torque tools that require proper testing and calibration to ensure accurate results. Sturtevant Richmont torque instruments have a solid reputation in the testing industry for providing top quality testing and calibration with their System 8 digital torque tester system. This torque calibration unit can be used to test in both…

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Bottle Top Testers for Production: Mark-10 Torque Instruments

mark-10 torque instruments

Many different industries require an automated testing process for slip and breakaway torque testing for bottle caps. Bottle top testers, such as the TT01 Cap Torque Tester from Mark-10 torque instruments, are designed to measure the application and removal torque of bottle caps up to 100 lbFin. The adjustable posts on the Mark-10 bottle top…

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