Force Measurement Tools: Portable CDI Electronic Torque Tester

electronic torque tester

One of the most flexible torque instruments that we have available at CSC Force Measurement is the CDI Torque ETT or electronic torque tester. Unlike a torque calibration system, which is used to generate a certification for a torque wrench or another type of torque instrument, this portable torque tester is battery-powered and works as…

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Trusted Sales, Service & Support: CSC Force Measurement Sales

force measurement sales

For more than 50 years, our customers all around the globe have trusted us to provide them with top-quality sales, service, and support. From our force measurement sales and assistance with selecting the correct product for each application to our calibration services, repairs, and support, we are dedicated to providing prompt, friendly, and reliable service.…

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Sturtevant Richmont Torque Wrench: Heavy Duty Industrial Tool

Sturtevant Richmont torque wrench

For those seeking a high-quality industrial dial wrench, look no further than the new options now available from Sturtevant Richmont at CSC Force. Replacing the legacy MD series, the new IDW dial torque wrench has many excellent features designed to make it easier to use and more durable for repeated industrial use. While there is…

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The New Micro-Adjustable Screwdriver from Williams Industrial

micro-adjustable screwdriver

If you are looking for torque screwdrivers with adjustable features that allow for more versatility in applications that require more than one torque value, look no further than the micro-adjustable screwdriver from Williams Industrial. Well-suited for the electronics industry and other industries that require instrument assembly and adjustment work, these screwdrivers come with ISO17025 calibration…

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ISO17025 Accredited Calibration: Force Calibration Services

Proper calibration of force measurement equipment is required on a regular basis in order to ensure that the results you get from your testing process are accurate and repeatable. Accredited calibration repair and other force calibration services are available through CSC Force Measurement. We are factory-trained and fully authorized to provide ISO17025 accredited calibration (sometimes…

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Mark-10 Advanced Test Frames for Compression Force Testing

Many different industries rely on Mark-10 products for tension and compression force testing. The Mark-10 F Series advanced test frames are designed to provide force capacities of up to 500 pounds of force. The operator can choose between vertical or horizontal orientations, which makes this force measurement test stand more flexible and adaptable than many…

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Top Force Measurement Equipment: Mark-10 Motorized Test Stands

One of the most comprehensive and valuable pieces of force measurement equipment you can have at your disposal for both labs and production testing is motorized test stands. Versatile and rugged Mark-10 test stands and highly configurable and offer options for tension and compression measurement of up to 300 lbF or 1.5 kN in the…

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New Lloyd NexygenPlus Software: Data Collection and Analysis

As the demands for data collection and analysis within the force measurement testing industry expand and grow, materials testing software must be ready to evolve to meet industry needs. Lloyd Instruments, one of the most well-known brands in force measurement testing, has released the Lloyd NexygenPlus software version 4.1, which is a multilingual program designed…

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Force Measurement Test Equipment: Lloyd Instruments Products

force measurement test equipment

When it comes to finding the best digital material tester, test stand equipment, and accessories, where you shop can be just as crucial as the brand that you ultimately buy. In order to achieve accurate and repeatable results that you can trust, you need to have force measurement test equipment that is designed to meet…

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Dillon Industrial Crane Scales: Accurate & Repeatable Readings

industrial crane scales

Everything about the Dillon EDXtreme Crane Scale is extreme. If you are looking for accurate and repeatable readings, these industrial crane scales from Dillon are designed to meet or exceed your expectations. With incredibly high standards that focus on ensuring that material characteristics, load element design, and strain gauge all work together perfectly, the result…

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