Force Measurement Product Spotlight: Mark-10 Cap Torque Tester

cap torque tester

Depending on your testing needs, you might require a product that will allow you the flexibility to test a wide range of products. However, there are other instances when more specific types of testing are needed to ensure accurate and repeatable results. The Series TT01 Cap Torque Tester from Mark-10, one of the leading brand…

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Tohnichi Adjustable Torque Wrench: Micrometer Click Type Wrench

adjustable torque wrench

There are certain situations when torque wrenches are required to perform maintenance or construction on a job site. Tohnichi, a respected name in force measurement tools, has a micrometer click type wrench designed to be the ideal choice for pipework, such as repairs and servicing performed on water and gas supply equipment. The features built…

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Mark-10 Gripping Fixtures, Cork Pull Fixtures, and Test Stands

mark-10 gripping fixtures

When it comes to force measurement equipment, it is essential to ensure that every piece of machinery is designed to work and perform as it should to get consistent and reliable results. The Mark-10 brand of force measurement fixtures, test stands, and force gauges are designed to work together to provide dependable results. Mark-10 gripping…

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Digital Torque Tester: Simple Torque Wrench Testing from CDI Torque

digital torque tester

Regardless of the industry you serve, it is essential to ensure the health of your torque wrenches and ensure that they are operating accurately and effectively. CDI Torque, a trusted brand name in the torque wrench industry, has designed an affordable digital torque tester that can be mounted on a wall for quick and easy…

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Force Measurement Equipment: Chatillon Mechanical Force Gauges

force measurement equipment

When it comes to top quality force measurement equipment, we have a wide selection of options available at CSC Force Measurement. As a stocking distributor for some of the most well-known and respected brands in the business, we provide solutions and services for clients across nearly every industry all around the globe. By offering such…

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ForceTest Measuring Software: Windows Data Analysis Software

data analysis software for Windows

Maximize the power of your Chatillon force measurement tools with ForceTest data analysis software for Windows. This user-friendly data collection and analysis software is designed to be used with the digital force gauges and torque gauges made by Chatillon, one of the most reputable brands in the force measurement industry. Your test results are presented…

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Crane Overload Protection & Force Control Switches from Dillon

crane overload protection

Most modern cranes are equipped with overload protective devices. Crane overload protection is essential to protect equipment from stress and damage, as well as to keep employees out of potentially dangerous situations. An overload is a lift that exceeds the rated capacity of the crane, and it can be even more problematic with older equipment…

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Accredited Force Calibration and Professional Repair Services

accredited force calibration

One of the best ways to ensure the integrity, consistency, reliability, and repeatability of your force measurement equipment is to stay on top of preventive maintenance professional repair services and to get accredited force calibration on a regular basis. CSC Force Measurement goes above and beyond the sales of top brand name force measurement equipment…

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Shimpo Digital Force Gauge Instruments for Industry Testing

Shimpo digital force gauge

When it comes to industry testing, it is essential to have reliable and repeatable instruments that can provide you with the level of accuracy that you require to maintain quality and safety standards. Compression and tension testing, as well as a variety of different modes of operation, can be achieved through the use of Shimpo…

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Mark-10 Universal Interchangeable Sensors and Indicators

interchangeable sensors and indicators

A lot of advancements have been made in the realm of Mark-10 universal sensors, which are used for force measurement in numerous applications across virtually all industries. The Series R51 smart sensors definitely fit this bill, as they are able to measure bi-directional torque and utilize interchangeable sensors and indicators for many different applications. Jacobs…

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