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Ensure Proper Calibration With a Digital Torque Tester System

digital torque tester system

There are a variety of torque tools that require proper testing and calibration to ensure accurate results. Sturtevant Richmont torque instruments have a solid reputation in the testing industry for providing top quality testing and calibration with their System 8 digital torque tester system. This torque calibration unit can be used to test in both…

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Bottle Top Testers for Production: Mark-10 Torque Instruments

mark-10 torque instruments

Many different industries require an automated testing process for slip and breakaway torque testing for bottle caps. Bottle top testers, such as the TT01 Cap Torque Tester from Mark-10 torque instruments, are designed to measure the application and removal torque of bottle caps up to 100 lbFin. The adjustable posts on the Mark-10 bottle top…

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Quality Testing Equipment: Get the Best Motorized Test Stand

motorized test stand

When it comes to quality testing equipment, it is essential to get the right products that will perform the tests you need and provide reliable, repeatable results. CSC Force Measurement works with all of the top brands to offer our customers the very best digital material tester equipment and accessories. Whether you require a manual…

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Force Measurement Equipment: Mark-10 and Lloyd Instruments

force measurement equipment

Material testers and other types of force measurement equipment are used by many different industries to test quality control and safety for commercial and consumer products. From packaging to electronics, CSC Force Measurement sells equipment that is designed to provide cost-effective solutions and reliable, repeatable results. Two of the brand names that we frequently sell…

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Importance of Quality Digital Force Gauges & Testing Software

digital force gauges and data collection software

There are many different applications that can benefit from quality digital force gauges and a comprehensive torque testing system. Depending on the industry that you serve, your needs may be very specific or quite broad. Testing software can be used to enhance the data that you receive throughout the testing process. While digital is the…

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Factory Authorized Repairs for Force Measurement Equipment

factory authorized repairs force measurement equipment

While CSC Force Measurement has a solid reputation for providing quality Mark-10 testing equipment, material testers, and other top of the line force measurement equipment to clients all across the country and around the globe, we also offer factory authorized repairs, calibration services, and rental equipment opportunities. We are dedicated to offering a comprehensive line…

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Chatillon TCM Series: Low Capacity Testing Solution (TCM100)

low capacity testing solution

For clients who are searching for a high-quality low capacity testing solution, consider the TCM100 model from the Chatillon TCM series. This flexible solution is fully compatible with both the current and older generations of the DF Series digital force gauges from Chatillon to provide fast and easy analysis with the ForceTest software. One of…

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New Generation Force Test Models: Chatillon Force Measurement

chatillon force measurement

AMETEK STC recently introduced their latest series of new generation force test models for the force measurement industry. The Chatillon TCM Series consists of two distinctive force testing solution options that are modular, flexible, and have the ability to provide fast and effective force testing for up to 350 lbF (1500 N) at a surprisingly…

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Material Testers: Maintaining Industry Standards for Packaging

material testers for packaging

CSC Force Measurement sells a wide range of digital force gauges, tension traction measuring equipment, and other types of material testers to customers who work across just about every industry in existence. So whether you require a digital dynamometer or peel testing equipment, you can rely on our team to help you get the best…

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Torque Testing System for Different Types of Screw Closures

torque testing system

One of the most essential steps in the development and production of consistently manufactured screw closures is the use of a torque testing system. A torque test stand, torque wrenches, and analyzers, and the application of force torque calibration for reliability play a significant role in the testing of just about any type of closure…

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