How to Select a Dependable, Reliable Mechanical Force Gauge

mechanical force gauge

When it comes time to choose the best force measurement equipment for your business, it pays to work with a reputable brand. At CSC Force Measurement, we work as a stocking distributor for some of the best names in the business, including Dillon force gauges. Our team of highly trained and experienced customer service agents…

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Sturtevant Richmont System 8 Digital Torque Tester Equipment

digital torque tester equipment

More than a simple torque calibration unit, the System 8 Digital Torque Tester from Sturtevant Richmont is accurate to +/- .25 percent of Indicated Value from 10-100 percent of capacity. With a wide working range from 2.5 inches per ounce on up to 2,000 feet per pound, this is a well-designed system that has been…

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Multitest Torque Calibration: CDI Torque-Only Multitest System

multitest torque calibration

When it comes to force measurement testing and calibration, it is essential to purchase equipment designed specifically for your needs. While some products offer a multitest option that can be used across multiple testing parameters and situations, others may be more precise. The torque wrench calibration system from CDI provides the operator with precision, accuracy,…

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Factory Authorized Repairs and Calibration at CSC Force

factory authorized repairs

In order to guarantee that the findings you obtain from your testing process are reliable and reproducible, proper calibration of force measurement equipment is essential on a regular basis. Through CSC Force Measurement, accredited calibration repair and other force calibration services are offered. For all of the equipment that we supply, we are factory-trained and…

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Force Measurement Testing: Mecmesin Cap Torque Tester Orbis

Mecmesin cap torque tester

There are certain types of force measurement testing that require a specific type of equipment, such as bottle top testers. Mecmesin makes a quality cap torque tester in the Orbis model, which allows for the use of adjustable gripping pegs, as well as a wide range of screw type closures and other components. Accurate measurements…

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Mark-10 Tension and Compression Testing: Sensors and Indicators

Mark-10 Plug and Test technology sensors

Force sensors are designed to measure tension and compression forces for the purpose of force measurement testing. The Series FS05 sensors made by Mark-10 are created to mount directly to the crosshead of the various models of test frames, including F105, F305, F505, and F505H horizontal models, to provide a clean and integrated look. Easy…

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Mechanical Hanging Scales: Chatillon Measurement Equipment

mechanical hanging scales

Known all over the world for providing industry with reliable measurement equipment, Chatillon offers the 4200 Series mechanical hanging scales for the ultimate in accuracy and dependability. Available in multiple capacities, ranging from 15 to 60 pounds and 15 to 30 kilograms, this series can be specified as a Class III “Legal for Trade” scale.…

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Mark-10 Roller Grips: Quality Gripping Fixtures for Industry

mark-10 roller grips

At CSC Force Measurement, we sell a wide range of gripping fixtures, such as Mark-10 roller grips, designed to work with the force measurement equipment that we provide. As a stocking distributor for some of the biggest names in the business, we have a lot of experience working with each customer to identify their needs…

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The Accurate, Dependable Mechanical Force Gauge from Dillon

mechanical force gauge

One of the most essential qualities of any type of compression measurement instrument is that it’s got to be accurate, dependable, and repeatable. When it comes to force measurement equipment, Dillon is one of the top names in the business. The Model U Force Gauge is a mechanical force gauge designed to provide a +/-…

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Digital Force Gauges: Mecmesin Force Measurement Equipment

mecmesin force measurement

When you need more than just a basic force gauge, something that will help you to achieve all of your testing goals and deliver dependable and accurate results, you want to consider Mecmesin Force Measurement equipment. As an authorized distributor for Mecmesin and some of the top names in the force measurement industry, CSC Force…

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