Shimpo Digital Force Gauge Instruments for Industry Testing

Shimpo digital force gauge

When it comes to industry testing, it is essential to have reliable and repeatable instruments that can provide you with the level of accuracy that you require to maintain quality and safety standards. Compression and tension testing, as well as a variety of different modes of operation, can be achieved through the use of Shimpo…

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Mark-10 Universal Interchangeable Sensors and Indicators

interchangeable sensors and indicators

A lot of advancements have been made in the realm of Mark-10 universal sensors, which are used for force measurement in numerous applications across virtually all industries. The Series R51 smart sensors definitely fit this bill, as they are able to measure bi-directional torque and utilize interchangeable sensors and indicators for many different applications. Jacobs…

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DFE3 Series Chatillon for Handheld & Test Stand Applications

DFE3 Series Chatillon digital force gauge

Looking for a digital force gauge that offers the best price performance and is designed for basic and complex applications? Look no further than the DFE3 Series Chatillon digital force gauge. It is compact, easy-to-use, and is ideal for both handheld force gauges and test stand applications. The measurement accuracy of this instrument is better…

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CSC Force Support: Load Cell Instruments for Product Testing

load cell instruments

When it comes to force measurement testing for industry, the focal point of any accurate weighing system is the load cell. At CSC Force Measurement, we work with some of the best branded load cells in the business to provide our customers with everything they need to create a force measurement system that is tailored…

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Dillon Quick Check-T: Tension Meter for Cell Tower Contractors

tension meter for cell tower contractors

In October 2021, Dillon released a brand new custom designed tension meter created specifically for the cell tower market. It features a single sheave arrangement, Bluetooth communications and has a custom designed app to provide added benefits and assistance to cell tower contractors. Now available through CSC Force Measurement, the Dillon Quick Check-T is set…

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Mark-10 Load Cells: Interchangeable Sensors and Indicators

Mark-10 load cells

At CSC Force Measurement, we carry a wide range of force measurement equipment and accessories to support the needs and requirements of our customers. Tension force sensors, compression force sensors, and other interchangeable sensors and indicators are essential to the success of many different businesses across multiple industries. Mark-10 load cells are the perfect choice…

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Force Measurement Tools: Portable CDI Electronic Torque Tester

electronic torque tester

One of the most flexible torque instruments that we have available at CSC Force Measurement is the CDI Torque ETT or electronic torque tester. Unlike a torque calibration system, which is used to generate a certification for a torque wrench or another type of torque instrument, this portable torque tester is battery-powered and works as…

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Trusted Sales, Service & Support: CSC Force Measurement Sales

force measurement sales

For more than 50 years, our customers all around the globe have trusted us to provide them with top-quality sales, service, and support. From our force measurement sales and assistance with selecting the correct product for each application to our calibration services, repairs, and support, we are dedicated to providing prompt, friendly, and reliable service.…

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Sturtevant Richmont Torque Wrench: Heavy Duty Industrial Tool

Sturtevant Richmont torque wrench

For those seeking a high-quality industrial dial wrench, look no further than the new options now available from Sturtevant Richmont at CSC Force. Replacing the legacy MD series, the new IDW dial torque wrench has many excellent features designed to make it easier to use and more durable for repeated industrial use. While there is…

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The New Micro-Adjustable Screwdriver from Williams Industrial

micro-adjustable screwdriver

If you are looking for torque screwdrivers with adjustable features that allow for more versatility in applications that require more than one torque value, look no further than the micro-adjustable screwdriver from Williams Industrial. Well-suited for the electronics industry and other industries that require instrument assembly and adjustment work, these screwdrivers come with ISO17025 calibration…

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