CDI Torque Multi-Test Calibration System Advantages & Benefits

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torque multi-test calibration systemMaking a choice to do the in-house calibration for torque and force measurement is an investment in your company’s future. There are many advantages associated with performing in-house calibration, but it is essential to have the right equipment. You will also need to know how often the equipment manufacturer recommends calibration the instrument, whether it needs to be calibrated to a standard measurement, and your employees will need to be training in proper calibration for best results. While lack of calibration is a big problem in any industry, improper calibration can be just as damaging. The CDI Torque Multi-Test Calibration System is an excellent force and torque wrench calibration tool that can help businesses to reduce risks both in and out of the workplace.

Risks of Neglecting Calibration

There are many inherent risks associated with the neglect of calibration for torque and force measurement devices. The manufacturer of these instruments provides a specified time for calibration to be done, depending on the type of work that you do and the volume of samples and products that are being tested. In general, calibration should occur every six months, but depending on the device and your unique situation, that time could be much more or less frequent. If you haven’t performed calibration for a long length of time, the data that is being retrieved from the instrument will not be reliable. This could be dangerous to the consistency and quality of the product, as well as to the safety of the user, depending on the nature of the product development and testing.

One way to keep track of in-house calibration with the CDI Torque Multi-Test Calibration System is to keep a service record. This will help you quickly determine when service was last performed and figure out when it will need it again to prevent inconsistencies or quality control issues. It is important to note that when certain instruments are used outside the specified use from the manufacturer, the force and torque wrench calibration tool might need to be used even more frequently. Each instrument is manufactured with a specific calibration accuracy. For example, if the manufacturer states that the device should be calibrated with an accuracy of ±5%, then it cannot be calibrated for the accuracy of ±1% without incurring potential risks.

Incorrect Calibration Techniques

There are other ways that in-house calibration by improperly trained employees or without adhering to the manufacturer’s recommendations can cause problems. While not providing calibration for torque and force on the recommended schedule can cause issues, performing calibration too frequently can also throw off your instrument. It is important to pay attention to the recommended schedule from the manufacturer. This will help to increase accuracy, reliability, consistency, and enhance the life of the equipment. The more you can learn and provide training to your employees on how to properly use the CDI Torque Multi-Test Calibration System, the better your results will ultimately be.

Your team of in-house engineers needs to be familiar with the requirements and specifications of the instrument that they are calibrating. If not, an incorrect calibration might occur. Depending on the sensitive nature of the industry that you are testing for, serious risks could come into play with improper calibration for torque and force instruments. This can result in risks to the consumer or end user, as well as to your other employees in the workplace. Not only could it become a safety issue, but it could also result in increased material costs, waste, and defects that might lead to recalls and other expenses.

The CDI Torque Multi-Test Calibration System

When you contact our team at CSC Force Measurement to learn more about purchasing a force and torque wrench calibration tool, make sure to ask about the CDI Torque Multi-Test Calibration System. This is the most comprehensive calibration system available from CDI Torque for both torque and force measurement calibration. With this system, it is possible to calibrate torque wrenches up to 2,000 ft/lbs, and it displays eight units of torque and six units of force for accurate calibrations. Included is a calibration stand and all necessary calibration wheels, arms, weights, and trays. Eleven transducers are also included, ranging from 5 in/oz up to 2,000 ft/lbs. An automatic safety feature locks the system to prevent overload and possible damage to transducers.

Also included are an easy-to-use 4-in-1 transducer kit, a torque screwdriver testing kit, and all necessary downloading software. The CDI Torque Multi-Test Premier Calibration System can be used to check the accuracy and calibrate cable tensiometers, tension, and compression gauges. If you are interested in learning more about this calibration system and other options that can be used in calibration for torque and force, contact CSC Force Measurement toll-free at 1-800-866-3672. Our team can help you find the solutions that are right for you according to your unique needs and requirements.