CDI Torque wrenches and screwdriversWhen professional tools are required for assembly operations, operators can count on the top quality options available in CDI torque wrenches and CDI torque screwdrivers. Pre-set torque screwdrivers are great for high-volume use in assembly operations with many features that can increase efficiency and effectiveness. Models are available with torque settings that range from 6 in/oz to up to 40 in/oz. The CDI series of right angle pre-set torque wrench tools feature a comfortable design that can ease the strain of repetitive use. CDI torque wrenches are designed for production torque applications that require higher values than pre-set torque screwdrivers can deliver.

Options for CDI Torque Wrenches

If you are interested in purchasing CDI torque wrenches for your production facility or other professional organization, there are three models available to choose from in this simple and easy-to-use design. CDI’s TORKY is a right angle pre-set torque wrench that can be pre-set at the factory according to your specifications or set by the operator with the use of a torque tester. Once the proper torque value is achieved, the user will feel a momentary “break” or “release” so they can move on to the next job.

CDI torque wrenches are built ruggedly to stand up to many years of reliable and dependable service. The right angle pre-set torque wrench operates bi-directionally to provide flexibility in operation and features an accuracy of ± 6% of indicated value and CW from 20-100 percent of full scale. All models can also be easily adjusted using a 5/32-inch hex key. Choose from three different drive styles to fit your specific needs and requirements.

Options for CDI Torque Screwdrivers

When accuracy is essential in assembly operations, you want the pre-set torque screwdrivers available from CDI at CSC Force Measurement. We carry the full line of CDI torque screwdrivers in four unique models, all featuring a trilobular comfort grip and a tamper-resistant design for high-volume use. Prevention of over-tightening and possible component damage is provided by a simple cam-over design. An optional calibration certificate is available for this rugged, light-weight aluminum body screwdriver.

Pre-set measurements can be set at the factory at no additional charge, or the operator can set them with a quality torque calibration system. In addition, the end cap can be removed to use a 1/8-inch hex key for further adjustment. CDI torque screwdrivers provide accuracy of ± 6% of indicated value and CW from 20-100 percent of full scale. An automatic lock is provided in a counterclockwise direction to prevent accidental adjustments during use.

Great Tools for Industrial Assembly Operations

Depending on your needs, CDI torque wrenches and screwdrivers are the perfect tools for industrial assembly operations, providing accurate fastening and increased productivity across the board. The significance of accurate and consistent torque cannot be overstated, especially when it comes to high-volume production applications. This is a very crucial step for efficient and consistent assembly. There are many benefits associated with using high quality pre-set torque screwdrivers and right angle pre-set torque wrench tools from CDI, including reduction of warranty claims and production costs, reduced downtime for the production line, and increased productivity across the board.

Other benefits of using CDI torque wrenches and CDI torque screwdrivers include:

  • reduced instances of repetitive stress injuries for operators
  • does not contribute to fatigue issues experienced by assembly staff
  • lower sound levels compared to power torque equipment
  • protects delicate components and threads from damage caused by over-torque
  • less maintenance and costs associated with assembly tool servicing

Interested in CDI Torque Products?

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