Chatillon Digital Force Gauge for Accurate, Repeatable Results

chatillon digital force gaugeWhen searching for a performance gauge that can be used for basic and complex applications, consider the Chatillon digital force gauge DFS3 series. It offers excellent pricing, performance, and flexibility for either handheld force gauge use or test stand applications. Easy-to-use, compact, and surprisingly lightweight, the DFS3 Series can be customized and equipped with integral loadcells or smart remote sensors to provide accurate and repeatable results for load and torque measurement. A variety of standard gauge functions are provided with the Chatillon digital force gauge, as well as the powerful ForceTest automation software.

User-Friendly, Adaptive Design

In the force measurement testing industry, equipment that is easy to adapt, use, and modify based on changing needs and demands is crucial. The Chatillon digital force gauge series features an integral loadcell sensor that delivers accurate and repeatable results. With measurement accuracy that is better than 0.1 percent full scale in integral load cells and results available in peak tension and compression, break tension and compression, or load average and time, you can count on this handheld force gauge to get the job done right. When test stand applications are required, Chatillon comes through again, as the DSF3 Series can also be used with a Chatillon test stand for lab or production testing.

A large and easy-to-read LCD high-resolution, the full-color display is included to support a variety of standard gauge functions. Normal and peak readings, high and low limits, setpoints, pass or fail results, statistical results, load averaging, percentage and sharp break detection, and even loadcell actuation and direction can be viewed on the screen. Choose from a variety of measurement units and options, including ounces of force (ozF), grams of force (gF), pounds of force (lbF), kilograms of force (kgF), and N units. Depending on the demands of the job, the Chatillon digital force gauge screen can be inverted so that results are hidden from the operator, and password protection is available to secure the gauge setups during use.

Comprehensive Results and Calculations

When you use the DSF3 Series digital force gauge with ForceTest automation software, you gain a whole array of options that are available at your fingertips for quality force measurement. Results can be saved or transferred to a PC through the use of a standard USB-C connection for further analysis and manipulation. Statistical calculations can also be performed, including the average measurement with MIN and MAX results, CV with average and standard deviation, and standard deviation, as well as a graphical representation of saved results.

Easy calibrations can also be performed for consistent and repeatable results, as well as quick verification of the unit’s status. Immediate access to the battery conditions, including an estimated battery life, as well as loadcell status, the number of overloads applied to the gauge, and more. The operator can also choose to use the time method, which allows the average load to be established based on the load threshold and time duration. A simple, single-layer user interface allows for quick learning of the system and fast operation for your tasks.

Dependable Measurements and Automation

One of the most essential qualities of any force measurement tool is that it needs to be dependable. The DFS3 Series Chatillon digital force gauge is designed to deliver accurate and repeatable results within 0.1 percent of full scale. With a 150 percent maximum overload of the rated capacities and eight unique capacity models ranging from 250G on up to 500 lbF (2500N), it is easy to choose the option that will provide you with the most dependable measurements, affordable costs, and flexibility for all of your force measurement needs.

The digital force gauge itself weighs just 1.1 pounds and is shipped with a chisel point, point adapter, notch adapter, flat adapter, hook, and extension rod. Also included is a carrying case, charger, and of course, the Chatillon ForceTest automation software. ForceTest is a straightforward, Windows-based data analysis package designed for use with the Chatillon digital force gauge and torque gauge series. Test results can be exported as PDF, Word, RTF, image, CSV, text, XLS, XLSX, HTML or MHT formats. To learn more about this intuitive and powerful software, as well as the full line of Chatillon digital force gauge options, contact CSC Force Measurement directly by calling 1-800-866-FORCE.