Packaging Materials Testing: Chatillon Force Testers

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Chatillon Force TestersInternational product shipping is growing by leaps and bounds. As a result, the packaging materials that are used to protect and ship goods are becoming more critical. Manufacturers are continually working to ensure that packaging materials, such as cardboard cartons and nylon strapping, are up to the task. Chatillon force testers are a popular choice for packaging manufacturers who need to ensure that their materials are up to industry standards.

The Chatillon DFE II and DFS II digital force gauges are excellent solutions for packaging testing. When it comes to material testers, it is essential to find force gauges that can be used on the production floor, in a laboratory setting, and in the field. The user can choose to use these Chatillon force testers as handheld instruments, or they can be mounted to test stands, depending on their requirements. This provides flexibility in how and where these digital force gauges can be used.

Built-In Technology Options

The DFS II Series digital force gauges from Chatillon were the very first to be launched with built-in Bluetooth connectivity. They are considered to be high-end material testers, as they can be customized according to the specifications of the user. These force gauges also have high-resolution, full-color dot matrix displays for easier readings and performance evaluations. These features are all designed to help the DFS II Series to be used effectively, even in complicated testing and quality control environments.

Chatillon force testers can also be fitted with smart remote sensors and integral load cells to provide both load and torque measurement. The DFS II Series is frequently used for testing tear strength on new materials with testing capacities between 2 lbF [10 N] and 500 lbF [2500 N]. It collects data and allows the user to perform statistical analysis directly on the monitoring screen. When combined with the Chatillon LTCM Series test stand, the user can perform testing at the end of a production line and immediately transfer the results to a PC.

This model supports a wide range of functions, including high/low limits, pass/fail results, set points, and load comparisons. It can also offer data regarding load cell actuation, % and sharp break detection, direction, load averaging, and other options. It is an excellent choice for basic and complex packaging materials testing applications. Visit the CSC Force website for more specifications and features.

Compact & Easy-to-Use

If you don’t need all of the high-end bells and whistles found in the Chatillon DFS II digital force gauges, consider the Chatillon DFE II Series instead. Compact and easy-to-use, these force gauges were designed specifically for handheld and test stand applications. These material testers are an excellent economical solution to help manufacturers stay on budget without compromising function and accuracy. It features capacities that range between 2 lbF [10 N] to 500 lbF [2500 N] and comes with everything you need: carrying case, battery adapter and charger, USB cable, certificate of calibration, and testing accessories.

Compatible with many different standard gauge functions, it is similar to the DFS II Series. It provides normal and peak readings, set points, load cell actuation, direction, statistical results, high/low limits, and pass/fail results. A full high-resolution color display provides the user with easy reading and quick recognition of results. The DFE II Series delivers options which include analog, USB, and RS232 serial communication, which helps the user to download data quickly for manipulation. A list of standard features, options, and specifications are available on the CSC Force website for future assessment.

Get Chatillon DFE II and DFS II Series at CSC Force

If you are interested in learning more about how these digital force gauges can be used for packaging materials testing or other industries, just visit our website or give us a call at 1-800-866-3672. Our team can answer any questions that you might have about Chatillon products, as well as any of the other brands of material testers and force gauges that we carry. The Chatillon force testers highlighted in this article are 100 percent backward compatible with the earlier software, test stands, and accessories, making them easy to use with existing testing processes and equipment. Choose from five load displays, including ozF, gF, lbF, kgF, and N, depending on your needs.