low capacity testing solutionFor clients who are searching for a high-quality low capacity testing solution, consider the TCM100 model from the Chatillon TCM series. This flexible solution is fully compatible with both the current and older generations of the DF Series digital force gauges from Chatillon to provide fast and easy analysis with the ForceTest software. One of the most significant benefits of this series of motorized force testers is that it is extremely flexible and can be adapted according to your exact needs.

The modular design allows manufacturers to get the specific options that they want without all of the additional features that they don’t require. As your needs change, or if further testing options are needed, you can upgrade your Chatillon TCM series system to suit your testing requirements. The TCM100 model has a force range of up to 100lbF or 500N. It features a high frame stiffness, lightweight benchtop design that can be used in either a production environment or in the lab. Choose from the 16-inch (406 mm) or extended 32-inch (812 mm) travel versions, depending on the application, for a more compact footprint.

Accurate Testing Results

Like the other high-quality equipment and products available from the Chatillon TCM series line, when combined with the Chatillon DF II Series force gauges, the load accuracy exceeds 0.1 percent full scale. Advanced electronics can be used to enable set speed accuracy of < 0.1 percent of set speed value, with data sampling rates of up to 10KHz. A single key press to start the test and return to zero function can save time. At the highest maximum speed of 40 inches per minute, this further reduces cycle time for quicker results.

Compression force testing with the use of motorized force testers and digital force gauges refers to the measurement of push forces acting upon an object. The Chatillon TCM series is an excellent choice for compression “crush” testing for plastic bottles, including personal hygiene products, beverages, and cleaning supplies. This method is beneficial to quantify the function (or failure) of certain materials, assemblies, components, and finished products. Accurate results are necessary to help make informed choices between a product that is acceptable for your needs or one that needs to be rejected and replaced.

How Compression Force Measurement Works

The base product available through the Chatillon TCM series can be used in combination with a variety of Chatillon DFE or DFS series digital force gauges for a low capacity testing solution. When it comes to compression force measurement, the most common method is to use digital force gauges and load cells in conjunction with high-quality test stands. Chatillon has a solid reputation in this area, creating motorized force testers and other related equipment designed to stand up to heavy use and provide accurate, repeatable results. A typical configuration involves the movement of a motorized screw-driven crosshead in a downward motion to produce the required compression force.

The electronics of the Chatillon TCM series is what is used to regulate the rate of speed and stop the motor when the specified load, distance, or sample break has occurred. When you use the Chatillon DFE or DFS Series with the TCM Series test stand, you can also obtain essential data such as the drive to load limit, average load, peak break force, and other beneficial features. Chatillon provides access to ForceTest PC software, which allows for fast and easy analysis, seamlessly providing communication from the test machine to your PC, saving test setup to achieve a faster workflow, and exporting data as CSV or PDF files, depending on your needs. Choose from test procedures that can conform to ASTM, ISO, or other international standards to meet your industry requirements.

Top Load Testing

Top load or “crush” bottle testing is something that is used to make sure that the packaging for beverages and other consumer products can ensure the anticipated use. The bottle must be strong enough to withstand compressive forces that are generated by the downward motions experienced during production and shipping. Bottle manufacturers can use them in laboratory testing, as well as on the production line, to ensure quality control. During testing, if the bottles crack, buckle, or experience any other type of damage, they can be taken off the line and replaced. Without testing, the damage could occur after the bottles are filled at the manufacturing plant, resulting in spillage during transportation or stocking and loss of product.

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