Chatillon testing productsAt CSC Force Measurement, we work with our customers to ensure that they have the best possible products to meet their needs for force test measurement. We work with all of the top industry brands and can even put together custom solutions for motorized test stands and digital force tester products on a case-by-case basis. Chatillon testing products have a solid reputation for providing the user with enhanced abilities for a variety of production testing applications. The Chatillon CS2-225 Digital Force Tester is a perfect example of the quality products available from this reputable brand. The device is very user-friendly and does not require the use of any proprietary software to operate. Controlled with a Windows 10 2-in-1 laptop console with an 11-inch touchscreen, this unit can be used in both production and laboratory environments.

Flexible, Secure Access Options

The perfect choice for testing medical devices and packaging, electronics, and other specific materials, such as textiles, plastics, and rubber, the Chatillon CS2-225 Digital Force Tester offers secure access with supervisor and operator options with password-protected control. A single-column force tester, Chatillon testing products are designed to be flexible based on the unique needs of the user. Seamlessly switch between batch results, test graphs, and statistics during the test batch execution. Print or export data directly from the screen or use automatic data archiving to collect results.

The CS2 Series motorized test stands are surprisingly affordable, considering all of the options and opportunities that they offer. Clients who require multi-stage force test measurement will appreciate the ability to choose up to ten unique results to display, which include sheer, spring, compression, tensile, flexural, and advanced mode. The load measurement system of this digital force tester conforms to ISO or ASTM testing procedures, offering a speed accuracy of better than one percent with a capacity of up to 225 lbF.

Easy Set-Up and Testing

The included 2-in-1 laptop console with Windows 10 makes it very simple for the user to set-up a test, select the various test runs, and then export the reports they require with just a few touches of the screen. Choose from touchscreen or keyboard options, as the console can be unfolded and used with a keyboard as a laptop alongside the Chatillon CS2-225 Digital Force Tester. Chatillon testing products make it easy for users to define tests that are used frequently so they can quickly select them for immediate access.

Further customization is possible, using the touchscreen to insert a sample photo that can be labeled as an icon for custom test selections. Then the user can seamlessly switch back and forth between test graphs, statistics, and batch results during execution for repeatable and reliable results. Time-saving elements, including the Quick Test Button, allows for testing with compression or tension in just a few clicks. The user can define virtually any type of set-up with the multi-stage and cycle testing options, creating sophisticated test methods without requiring expensive software apps and other requirements.

Mounting Options

Another significant advantage of these CS2 Series motorized test stands is that they offer flexible mounting for the motorized test stands. A T-slot table can be used to provide the user with multiple through-holes for mounting options of different types of eye-end adapters and threaded fixtures. This allows the user to position the fixture mounting block according to their specific needs, customizing the options using a range of standard grips and fixtures. Additional custom mounting options are also available from Chatillon testing products for use specifically with the CS2 Series digital force tester.

One of the most exciting options includes the height mode of operation. This tool can be used to perform pre-conditioning before measuring the height at a specific load. This feature provides an automatic datum routine and absolute distance feature, both of which allow driving to a specific distance in reference to zero. Test results for the Chatillon CS2-225 Digital Force Tester can be displayed utilizing multiple methods. Multiple results can be shown for all test types and an embedded Statistical Process Control (SPC) comes standard for delivering statistical results for both export and printing.

Chatillon Testing Products

When it comes to motorized test stands and other quality equipment for force test measurement, Chatillon testing products are an excellent choice. If you are interested in learning more about the CS2-225 Digital Force Tester and other quality equipment from CSC Force Measurement, give us a call toll-free at 1-800-866-3672. We can answer any questions you might have about force test measurement equipment and all of the fine products, brands, and accessories that we sell.