Choose the Best Grips and Fixtures to Ensure Product Quality Control Testing

best grips and fixtures for force measurementChoosing the right grips and fixtures is crucial for industrial materials testing since it affects product quality control. Having the right grip is crucial for determining test repeatability while testing a sample. The trick is to keep a firm grip on the sample so it doesn’t slide around, but not so tight that you deform it or alter its performance because of the gripping fasteners.

When it comes to high-quality gauges, grips and fixtures, Mark-10 equipment is well-respected in the field. With the Mark-10 G1072 Opening Force Fixture Set, a bending and flexural fixture, you can easily find out how much force is needed to open a flat-folded box along its score lines. This test is used by many different sectors, including as consumer goods, biomedical device production, and food and beverage.

Dependable Mark-10 Equipment

You may use these bending and flexural fixtures with force gauges or test stands that are Mark-10 compatible. Based on the user’s requirements, it may be utilized to construct a comprehensive opening force testing system. The upper and lower dies included in the Mark-10 G1072 Opening Force Fixture Set are detachable, so you may use them with a range of packing material sizes. These grasping fittings can withstand forces up to 250 Newtons, or 50 lbF. When coupled with the optional 14-1068 mounting plate, the following components can be utilized: TSC1000, TSF, and TSFM500; ESM Series—ES30, ESM303, ESM301, and ES10/ES20 with these Mark-10 gauges and fixtures for optimal performance and consistent, reliable, and repeatable results.

When selecting gripping fixtures for your testing needs, make sure they have all the necessary features for loading, such as axial force or torque, can adjust the sample’s alignment and tightening, and can handle the sample’s size. On the other hand, the grasping method is usually specified in most industry standard procedures. Various gripping fixtures are available for purchase from CSC Force Measurement, and they are all compatible with Mark-10 equipment. This allows us to better serve each and every one of our clients.

The Best Grips and Fixtures

Mark-10 Opening Force Fixture Set bending and flexural fixtures aren’t the only grasping fixtures sold by CSC Force Measurement; they provide a wide selection. In addition to Mark-10 equipment, we have tools, accessories, and equipment from other leading companies in the industry. Here is a rundown of what’s currently on the market for grips and attachments that are compatible with Mark-10 force gauges and test stands. Get in touch with us right away if you need details about our bespoke gripping fittings and solutions.

At CSC Force Measurement you can find all the grips you need, including grips for wire terminals and double-rollers, uniquely designed grips for wire terminals, film, and paper with both pneumatic and standard wedge grips. Choose from a variety of grips with parallel jaws, universal cap grips, conventional vice grips, and even an assortment of self-centering vice grips. We also offer accessories and specialty items, including fixture grips for 90-degree peel testing, score bending, and chucking, as well as jaw grips, V-jaw grips, and universal bottle grips, just to name a few.

Motorized Test Stands, Gauges, and More

Force gauges, testing equipment, grips, fixtures, and data collection/machine control software are all part of our extensive product portfolio. In the lab, on the assembly line, or out in the field, our clients need reliable tensile and compression testing equipment, and we’re here to make sure they have it. For more than half a century, CSC Force Measurement has been the go-to for quality control managers in a broad variety of industries when it comes to digital and mechanical force gauges, torque products, test stands, spring testers, calibration services, dynamometers, gripping fixtures, and testing software.

You can inquire about the Mark-10 Opening Force Fixture Set’s bending and flexural fixtures or make an order by calling 1-800-866-3672 if you’re interested in knowing more about Mark-10 equipment and grasping fixtures. If you have any questions regarding the machinery mentioned in this article or would want to peruse our online catalog, you can do so by visiting our website and utilizing our direct chat tool.