Compression Force Sensors for Industry Force Measurement Testing

compression force sensorsThe load cell is the central component of any reliable weighing system for conducting industry force measurement testing for industrial purposes. When you shop with CSC Force Measurement, you’ll have access to top-tier branded load cells that will allow you to build a force measurement system that is perfect for your application. Working closely with each client, we offer consultation support to ensure they get the tension and compression for sensors and load cell instruments they need to meet their manufacturing and testing demands. Our inventory includes products from industry leaders such as Mark-10, Chatillon, CDI, Dillon, Lloyd Instruments, and Mecmesin.

Load Cell Instruments

One type of force transducer is a load cell. Whether under tension or compression, it measures the amount of force applied and turns it into an electrical signal. Applying a force to the load cell instruments causes a corresponding increase in the received signal strength. Since it is the most important component of the device that measures force, the load cell serves as the system’s central nervous system. Depending on the operation’s needs, a wide variety of load cells are available for tension and compression force sensors, such as push/pull sensors and micro force sensors. By measuring the change in resistance, the instruments can determine the amount of force delivered to the load cell body.

Customers may find all the alternatives they need for their industry force measurement testing system specifications at CSC Force Measurement, as we sell load cell instruments from Mark-10 and Chatillon. Mark-10 Series FS05 Tension and Compression Force Sensors with Plug & Test Technology and Chatillon Series SLC Loadcells are two common choices. In addition to standard push/pull sensors, we also provide load cells tailored to certain force measurement testing equipment, alternatives for testing under compression alone, compact force sensors for testing tiny products, and the Mark-10 Series R05 for all your lifting and tension/compression needs. You may acquire the precise and repeatable results you need with the help of the many software choices and calibration services that are accessible, and the capacities that are available vary with the product you select.

Testing Under Compression

Those looking for smart sensors with capacities between.25 and 100 pounds might be interested in Mark-10’s Series R04. These compact strain and compression force sensors are great for uses where there is limited room. Featuring threaded holes on both sides, these load cell instruments are incredibly small and can take a variety of hooks and implements for all your testing needs. These cells are compatible with the widely used Plug & Test technology system and may be used with Mark-10 indicators, such as the 3i, 5i, and 7i, which are also available for sale separately from CSC Force Measurement. The product comes with a certificate of calibration that can be traced back to NIST, and if you buy it from CSC Force Measurement, they also offer ISO17025 calibration.

Products offered by Chatillon are compatible with their own brand of equipment and force measuring systems, much like the Mark-10 Series of load cell instruments. Featuring a 15-pin connector, the full-bridge strain gauge sensors from Chatillon’s SLC Series are compatible with digital indicators from the DFS II-R-ND Series and digital force testers from the TCD Series using the company’s proprietary connector & Play Operation feature. Similar to their Mark-10 devices, CSC Force Measurement includes the ISO17025 calibration certification in the purchase, and the company provides the NIST calibration data. The accuracy can reach up to 0.25 percent of full-scale capacity. Other components of your industry force measurement testing system will determine the brand you go with. Reach out to our staff to discuss your needs if you require anything that is not included on our website.

Industry Force Measurement Testing

Get in touch with our team at 1-800-866-FORCE to discuss your requirements for load cell instruments, miniature force sensors, compression and tension force sensors, and other products for your force measurement system with one of our helpful and educated customer service representatives. All of the items shown on our website are available for preventative maintenance and calibration, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding them.