Crane Overload Protection & Force Control Switches from Dillon

crane overload protectionMost modern cranes are equipped with overload protective devices. Crane overload protection is essential to protect equipment from stress and damage, as well as to keep employees out of potentially dangerous situations. An overload is a lift that exceeds the rated capacity of the crane, and it can be even more problematic with older equipment that is not fitted with advanced safety devices. Overload devices, including the Dillon CraneGuard force control switches, work by sensing the force load. If a load is found to exceed the preset capacity, it temporarily prevents the hoist so the crane cannot continue lifting the load but has the ability to still lower the load. Dillon crane scale services can use up to four force control switches to actuate immediately when the preset load limit is exceeded.

Dillon Crane Overload Protection

The Dillon CraneGuard System is designed to clamp directly onto a slack hoist or crane wire rope quickly without severing the rope or interrupting services. The device clamps onto cables for wire rope hoist, elevator, crane overload prevention, and slackline detection, depending on the needs of the operator. The force control switches can be preset ahead of time, and the crane overload protection device is designed for accommodating 1, 2, 3, or 4 of option B or 1 or 2 option C switches. The cable should be Independent Wire Rope Core (IWRC) with as many strands as possible, and the wire rope selection for any application to ensure proper safety factors is the customer’s responsibility.

When you order any of the items from Dillon crane scale services or tension and compression switches through CSC Force Measurement, we can calibrate the device based on the rope diameter that is specified at the time of order. Contact our sales team directly if you are not sure what you need or have any questions about our force control switches and crane overload protection. Our many years of experience working with quality force measurement equipment, including products made by Dillon, can help you to choose the best products for your requirements. The switches can even be preset to trigger at the loads that you desire if they are specified at the time of order. Contact our team directly with any questions or special requirements for the Dillon CraneGuard System.

Dillon DynaSwitch Systems

In addition to the popular CraneGuard System from Dillon, CSC Force Measurement also carries the DynaSwitch system, which is a reliable and low-cost way to control forces and prevent overloads. This particular model can be used in automation controls, acting as scales. Used for a variety of industrial purposes, including cranes, hoists, and elevators, these force control switches can shut off power when an overload condition exists or be set to operate lights, buzzers, or klaxons to warn of an impending overload. Designed to work in both normal or extreme environments and conditions, you can count on the crane overload protection provided by the Dillon DynaSwitch device.

Available in multiple capacities, ranging from 100 pounds (50 kg) on up to 50,000 pounds (25,000 kg), the heart of this system is a force beam, which can work as tension and compression switches. Seven different load capacities can be set ahead of time, and both switch and physical connection options are listed. Each of the beams for these Dillon crane scale services can accommodate between one and four switches, which can be set to operate as many as four different switching functions or combinations, including crane overload and slackline detection. All of the force beams and attachment fittings within this system have an ultimate safety factor of 5:1 (4:5:1 for metric), and all models have an overload stop or bolt to ensure extra protection to the measuring ability of the DynaSwitch force beam. Similar to the CraneGuard System, Dillon can set the switches to trigger at the preset loads that you require if specified at the time of order.

Contact CSC Force Measurements

If you would like to learn more about either the Dillon CraneGuard or DynaSwitch systems for crane overload protection, give us a call toll-free at 1-800-866-FORCE. Our team of highly trained and knowledgeable customer service and sales staff can offer insight and details to help you choose the best force control switches and devices based on your unique requirements.