Data Collecting and Analysis Software for Digital Force Gauges

data collecting and analysis softwareMeasuring force and torque is useless without the ability to gather information and evaluate test findings. One of the most potent solutions for data collecting and analysis software is the Mark-10 MESUR Software series. It is intended to be compatible with digital force gauges, torque gauges, travel displays, and other devices, including the most popular Mark-10 motorized test stand alternatives. It enables the user to manage the movement of certain Mark-10 motorized test stand gear as well as measure and gather data from a range of digital devices.

Software for Your Motorized Test Stand Applications

The MESURgauge and MESURgauge Plus applications offer a tonne of fantastic choices. For instance, to see load vs. time or load vs. trip vs. time, the user can watch a real-time graph. The output may be created into reports or saved in a file. Additionally, the user has the option to export the data straight to Microsoft Excel for additional processing. Additionally, test configurations, data, and report templates that have been previously stored may be retrieved and used to new testing scenarios.

The potential of the MESURgauge Software Series to increase a Mark-10 testing system’s capabilities is possibly one of the biggest advantages of utilizing this data gathering and analysis software. A motorized test stand, force gauge, grips, and additional accessories are often included in a force and torque measurement system like the Mark-10. Data for load vs. time or load vs. travel vs. time may be captured and shown graphically using both the MESURgauge and MESURgauge Plus applications. On the other hand, you may now regulate the motion of your Mark-10 motorized test stand with the MESURgauge Plus. This function allows the user to combine data collecting with motion control.

Force and Torque Measurement

These applications not only assist you in analyzing test results, but they also come with a full suite of tools that you can use to set up pass/fail indications, program start and stop conditions for tests, and tailor to your specific needs. Additional features include a sizable display panel for load and trip statistics in real-time and a PC application that allows you to customize several Mark-10 gauges. Because MESURgauge and MESURgauge Plus include built-in simulated data production, they may be tested without an instrument. With the help of all these tools and capabilities, test data for force and torque measurement may be analyzed in even more ways.

All digital force and torque measuring systems from Mark-10, which are offered for sale on the CSC Force Measurement website, are compatible with the MESURgauge software. Mark-10 motorized test stand types, such as the ESM303, ESM303H, ESM750, and ESM1500, may also be started and stopped using the MESURgauge Plus data gathering and analysis software. With only one click, the program may combine motion control and data gathering to assess test findings. It is simple to obtain continuous or single-point data for measuring force and torque using Mark-10 devices and test stands.

Data Collecting and Analysis Software

Through the use of a straightforward interface, users may configure specific Mark-10 gauges and indicators, create reports and report formats, and personalize test configurations for future recall. The MESURgauge and MESURgauge Plus software allows you to set start and stop test triggers, including time, load, number of samples, and distance. With the obtained test data, statistical computations may be carried out. The software will automatically recalculate for customized data ranges and offer a one-click export to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. For an added benefit while testing, the user may see real-time data on a large virtual instrument display.

Our team of consultants can help you to determine which hardware and software would work best for your needs. To find out more about this well-liked program for gathering and analyzing data, go to the CSC Force Measurement website. We provide you with access to the official Mark-10 datasheet, user manual, feature list, specs, and resources, as well as screenshots and pictures of the program. Utilizing this potent software feature will help you optimize the potential of your testing and evaluate test data if you utilize a Mark-10 motorized test stand for measuring force and torque.

Quality Force Measurement Tools

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