Benefits of Professional Data Collection and Analysis Software

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data collection and analysis softwareForce and torque measuring are nothing if you can’t collect data and analyze test results. The Mark-10 MESUR Software series is one of the most powerful options available in data collection and analysis software. It is designed to work with the most widely used Mark-10 motorized test stand options, digital force gauges, torque gauges, travel displays, and other devices. It allows the user to measure and collect data from a variety of digital devices, and control the motion of specific Mark-10 motorized test stand hardware.

There are lots of great options that the MESURgauge and MESURgauge Plus software can provide. For example, the user can view a real-time graph to determine load vs. time or load vs. travel vs. time. Results can be stored in a file or generated to create reports. The user can also choose to export the data directly to Microsoft Excel for further manipulation. Also, previously saved test data, setups, and report templates can be recalled and used for future testing situations.

Expanded Functions

Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of using this data collection and analysis software is the ability of the MESURgauge Software Series to expand the functionality of a Mark-10 testing system. The typical system used for force and torque measuring includes a Mark-10 motorized test stand, a force gauge, grips, and other accessories. Both the MESURgauge and MESURgauge Plus programs share the ability to capture and display data in a graphical format for load vs. time or load vs. travel vs. time. However, the MESURgauge Plus adds the ability to control the motion of your Mark-10 motorized test stand. The user can take advantage of this feature to coordinate motion control and data acquisition.

In addition to helping you to analyze test results, these programs also include a robust set of tools that can be used to establish pass/fail indicators, program test start and stop conditions, and customize to meet your unique requirements. Extra features, including a large display screen for real-time load and travel data, as well as a utility that can be used to configure certain Mark-10 gauges from a PC. MESURgauge and MESURgauge Plus can be evaluated without an instrument due to built-in simulated data generation. All of these tools and features work to provide even more options to analyze test results for force and torque measuring.

Mark-10 System Compatability

The MESURgauge software can be used with all digital force and torque measuring systems from Mark-10, which are available for sale on the CSC Force Measurement website. The MESURgauge Plus data collection and analysis software will also start and stop Mark-10 motorized test stand models that include ESM303, ESM303H, ESM750, and ESM1500. The software can coordinate motion control and data collection to analyze test results with a single click. Continuous or single-point data from Mark-10 instruments and test stands can be easily acquired for force and torque measuring.

Users can customize test setups for future recall, customize reports and report templates, and configure certain Mark-10 gauges and indicators through the use of a simple interface. Start and stop test triggers, such as time, load, number of samples, and distance, can all be configured with the MESURgauge and MESURgauge Plus software. Statistical calculations can be performed using the acquired test data and the program will automatically recalculate for custom data ranges, providing a one-click export to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. The user can view real-time data on a sizeable simulated instrument display for an even greater advantage during the testing process.

Learn About MESURgauge and MESURgauge Plus Software

If you are interested in this popular data collection and analysis software and would like to learn more, visit the CSC Force Measurement website. We have a full list of features, specifications, and resources, as well as the official Mark-10 datasheet and user guide, along with screenshots and images of the software for you to view. If you use a Mark-10 motorized test stand for force and torque measuring, this powerful software option can help you analyze test results and maximize the potential of your testing.

You can also contact our team to get a quote or place an order by calling toll-free at 1-800-866-3672. In addition to providing quality Mark-10 test systems and software options, we also offer custom solutions to our clients. We continually strive to give our customers the most value for their investment. In addition to sales and custom services, we also have a team of factory trained technicians who can perform preventive maintenance, equipment repairs, and calibration services when required. Call today to learn more about our products and the valuable services that we offer at CSC Force Measurement.