DFE3 Series Chatillon for Handheld & Test Stand Applications

DFE3 Series Chatillon digital force gaugeLooking for a digital force gauge that offers the best price performance and is designed for basic and complex applications? Look no further than the DFE3 Series Chatillon digital force gauge. It is compact, easy-to-use, and is ideal for both handheld force gauges and test stand applications. The measurement accuracy of this instrument is better than 0.2 percent full-scale in integral load cell models. It features a very large and easy-to-read, high-resolution, full-color LCD, which supports a variety of standard gauge functions, including peak tension and compression measurement with high-low limits, setpoints, pass/fail results, and much more.

Comprehensive Results

One of the advantages associated with choosing the DFE3 Series Chatillon digital force gauge is that it offers comprehensive results that are easy to view and understand. Loads are displayed in your choice of ounce/force, grams/force, pounds/force, kilograms/force, and N units. The display can be inverted, and the display results can even be “hidden” from the operator, depending on your requirements. Password protection can also be used for gauge setups to prevent accidental changes during use for consistent and repeatable results. Peak tension and compression measurement results can include the load average and time, as well as pass-fail, high-low limits, load averaging, loadcell actuation and direction, statistical results, and other beneficial options.

Saved results can include statistical calculations for expedited use of an application in the field, including averages with minimum and maximum results, CV with average and standard deviation, standard deviation, and a graphical representation of the saved results. The operator can choose to use the “Time Method,” which allows the establishment of the load averaging based on the load threshold and the time duration. This can be an extremely valuable method to provide results for test stand applications, and handheld force gauges use. The load threshold determines the start of the averaging, while the time duration defines the length of the test period. The Chatillon digital force gauge will begin taking readings when the threshold is achieved and will continue to take and average readings until the time duration expires.

Specifications for Measurement

When it comes to force measurement tools, it is crucial to choose a device that will provide you with accurate and repeatable results. The DFE3 Series Chatillon digital force gauge offers an accuracy of 0.2 percentage of full-scale with a maximum overload of 150 percent of the rated capacity. The resolution, according to the unit and capacity, offers up to 50,000 resolution points. Whether used as handheld force gauges or test stand applications in the lab or on the production line, peak tension and compression measurement is provided at a capture rate of 10 kHz with data sampling at 30 kHz and a display update rate of 10 kHz. Data save via the internal 32 GB SD card offers space for up to 100 results.

The device is powered with a Lithium-Ion battery that features up to 40 hours of battery life with the dimming feature set to the “on” position or up to 30 hours with dimming set to “off.” The operating temperature of this digital force gauge is between 40-110 degrees Fahrenheit or 5-45 degrees Celsius. The instrument itself weighs 1.1 pounds (0.05 kilograms), and the shipping weight with all packaging included is 4 pounds (2 kg). The loadcell thread end for capacities ranging from 10-100 pounds/force is #10-32, and the loadcell thread end for capacities ranging from 200-500 pounds/force is 5/16-18 UNC. Optional items include ForceTest Software from Chatillon, which can be used to collect and provide analytics for peak tension and compression measurement data.

DFE3 Series Chatillon

Choose the DFE3 Series Chatillon digital force gauge for all of your force measurement testing needs. It comes with various adapters and other included items, such as a chisel point, point adapter, notch adapter, flat adapter, hook, extension rod, carrying case, and charger for the Lithium-Ion battery. When you work with CSC Force Measurement for all of your peak tension and compression measurement needs, you gain the advantage that comes with our many years of experience working with the latest force measurement equipment in the industry. You can reach our team directly by calling toll-free at 1-800-866-FORCE or by using our online contact form to request a quote or ask a question.