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Digital Cap Torque Gauge Testing for Consumer Product Industry

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Handheld Cap Testing for TorqueWhen it comes to consumer products, it is critical to ensure that bottle caps are tight enough to protect what’s inside, while providing that they are not so tight that they cannot be easily opened. Ergonomic concerns regarding overly tight caps and other related issues directly led to the development of handheld cap testing for consumer goods. The Mark-10 Series TTO3C Digital Cap Torque Gauge is an excellent choice for bottle cap testing, providing the user with an easy and economical solution for testing peak torque values. The portable design of this particular model allows it to be used without any complicated fixtures or elaborate testing systems.

Why Testing is Important?

As industry standards change and evolve, new challenges have presented themselves to both manufacturers and the testing industry. Changes in the materials that are used for bottling, various marketing themes, and even the processes that are being used in packaging have made it essential to use a quality digital cap torque gauge for handheld cap testing. In addition to all of these reasons, consumer opinion is perhaps the most influential cause for bottle cap testing. Consumers will immediately judge a product based upon the appearance of the package and the product itself, but also the ease of opening and re-sealing the product as well.

While making the customer happy is a primary goal, manufacturers must also contend with other issues that can impact their product and profit. A balance of cost considerations and product safety must be employed for best results.

  • BOTTLE – The cost of the packaging itself should be considered. Lighter weight materials can result in lower costs overall but have other concerns regarding pressurization, product quality, and package integrity. A dedicated remote torque sensor in the digital cap torque gauge is used to ensure proper torque to create an appropriate seal and assure shelf life while preventing leaks.
  • CAP – Similar to the bottle, lighter weight materials used for the cap can help to reduce costs but lead to other issues. Lightweight caps are more likely to have issues with over-torquing. Handheld cap testing is required to ensure peak torque values to eliminate problems with product spills and shelf life.
  • SEALING – Other methods, such as hot-filling and induction sealing can cause problems with contraction rates in the cap, bottle materials, and the liner that is used, including varying torque values. If too much torque is used, the liner can become wrinkled, significantly reducing shelf life. If not enough torque is used, the foil will not seal properly, also causing issues with shelf life.

The Mark-10 Provides Quick and Economical Solutions

Manufacturers who are looking for handheld cap testing solutions that are economical and easy to use should consider the Mark-10 Series TT03C Digital Cap Torque Gauge. Designed to handle capacities that range between 12 to 100 lbFin, this device can be used with the popular MESUR Lite software to help keep track of data during the testing process. Just a single click allows quick transfer of all data to Excel with the use of a USB output on the side of the gauge. All peak torque values are saved and displayed with a high-speed 2,000 Hz sampling rate. Programmable set points can be used with pass/fail indicators, and all set points are always presented.

A dedicated remote torque sensor with Jacobs chuck is supplied, along with a universal grip for caps from 0.65 to 1.55 inches in diameter. Additionally, live load bar graphs are available with set point markers, and peak memory can be used for clockwise and counter-clockwise readings. The Mark-10 Digital Cap Torque Gauge features configurable audio alarms and key tones, plus it can be used either with the battery or AC operation. A safe overload is designed in for the gauge at 150 percent of capacity. The intuitive MESUR Lite data collection software is included, and upgrades are available to the full version if desired.

Handheld Cap Testing for Manufacturers

If you are in the market for a new solution that will provide you with the handheld cap testing that you require, consider the Mark-10 TT03C Digital Cap Torque Gauge, which is available through CSC Force Measurement. To learn more about the dedicated remote torque sensor, peak torque values recording, and other features of this easy to use tool, give us a call toll-free at 1-800-866-3672. Our team can answer any questions that you might have or help you place an order based on your unique needs and requirements.