Digital Force Gauges: Mecmesin Force Measurement Equipment

mecmesin force measurementWhen you need more than just a basic force gauge, something that will help you to achieve all of your testing goals and deliver dependable and accurate results, you want to consider Mecmesin Force Measurement equipment. As an authorized distributor for Mecmesin and some of the top names in the force measurement industry, CSC Force Measurement can offer our customers a wide range of options when it comes to digital force gauges for motorized test stands and other applications. One product in particular is the Mecmesin BFG Series Digital Force Gauge, which comes in six capacity models to suit the needs of just about any application. Choose from 10N, 50N, 200N, 500N, 1000N and 2500N and get quick, clear, and accurate load readings wherever your testing demands are required.

User-Friendly Design: Basic Force Gauge (BFG) from Mecmesin

One of the first things you will notice when you look at these digital force gauges from Mecmesin is that they feature a very clear and intuitive backlit LCD digital display. Increased performance and user-friendly options make this Basic Force Gauge (BFG) particularly suited to force testing applications that require quick and clear load readings. Accurate to +/- 0.25 percent of full scale, the load readings can be provided in both tension and compression, displaying in a variety of operator-selected measurement units, including N, kN, mN, gF, kgF, lbF, and ozF. It can be mounted to motorized test stands or used as a portable, handheld device. This flexibility makes these digital force gauges the perfect choice for measuring load on a factory floor or outdoors in the field.

While the hand held option is excellent for customers who require versatility or in the field testing, the Basic Force Gauge (BFG) offers the most accuracy and precision when mounted to manual or motorized test stands. However, these gauges can also be integrated into your own custom-designed testing equipment and they are designed to ergonomically fit well in the hand of the operator. The LED screen clearly displays live loads for continuous monitoring, but it also features a peak hold function to allow captures of maximum readings for both tension and compression. Take advantage of the simple keypad layout, which is designed to be beneficial to both novice and experienced operators. All models of these Mecmesin force measurement gauges feature an overload warning function to reduce damage risks.

Test Result Recordings

Another clear benefit of choosing the Mecmesin Basic Force Gauge (BFG) instrument is that the recording of test results is also very simple. Equipped with RS232, digimatic, and analogue outputs, the operator can transmit the results directly to a PC or printer with just the press of a button. These digital force gauges are fully compatible with Mecmesin’s Vector Pro-Lite data acquisition software. It allows the data collected from the basic force gauge to be presented graphically and provides the measures for results to be calculated easily and ensures that test reports are generated quickly in either PDF or Excel. The gauges come with a sturdy carrying case that includes a mains adapter, set of rechargeable batteries, and a set of useful attachments.

As with other fine equipment from Mecmesin Force Measurement, the BFG comes fully calibrated with a certificate that is traceable to national standards to ensure full compliance during any external audits. The rugged metal housing of these digital force gauges and internal loadcell stud ensure longevity and durability for many years of continuous use. If you would like to learn more about these fine products from Mecmesin, along with manual or motorized test stands designed to work with these digital force gauges, contact our team at CSC Force Measurement directly by calling toll-free at 1-800-866-FORCE. We can answer any questions you might have about the Mecmesin Basic Force Gauge (BFG) series, as well as any of the other gauges, stands, accessories, and software that we provide to our customers as an authorized distributor for this reputable company. Call today for a FREE quote or to discuss your unique needs and industry requirements with one of our friendly and helpful customer service members.