Dillon DynaSwitch Systems for Safe Crane Overload Prevention

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Crane Overload PreventionThere are many situations where a force control switch is necessary to control forces and prevent overloads. Some examples include use with cranes, hoists, and elevators. Dillon DynaSwitch systems are designed to be used to shut off power when an overload condition exists, and they can be set to control buzzers, lights, and other warning systems to alert of impending overload. All Dillon DynaSwitch force beam equipment is designed to operate effectively in normal and extreme environments for crane overload prevention.

How It Works

The central element of this system is the force beam, which can operate in tension or compression, depending on the needs of the situation. There are currently seven different load capacities available and the various switch and physical connection options as listed for each type. Each DynaSwitch force beam can accommodate between one and four different switches, which can be used to customize the various functions or combination of functions to provide the best results. All models have additional protection in the form of an overload stop or bolt for the measuring ability of the DynaSwitch force beam. If specified at the time of order, Dillon will even set the switches to trigger for you at the loads that you require.

The unit clamps onto cables for wire rope hoist, elevator, and crane overload prevention and slackline detection. It can quickly install in just minutes with a screwdriver and an Allen wrench. Just clam the Dillon DynaSwitch systems directly onto the slack hoist or crane rope without having to sever the rope or interrupt service. This provides quick and easy use without any delay. The switch will actuate immediately when the pre-set load limit is exceeded, based on your specifications. The ultimate safety factor of all Dillon force control switch systems is 2:1. Calibration performed with rope diameter can also be specified at the time of order, and all cable should be IWRC with as many strands as possible.

Switch Options

The Dillon DynaSwitch Systems can be used with a number of specific switch options to provide certain functions. The DynaSwitch models DSW-1, DSW-2, and DSW-4 can be used with Switch Option A, which is a low differential travel switch, and Switch Option D, which is a weatherproof low differential travel switch. Switch A can be used in a controlled environment and is designed for single pole, double throw with a maximum of four per unit. Switch D can be used in high environment situations and is designed for single pole, double throw with a maximum of four per unit.

The DynaSwitch CraneGard models DSW-3, DSW-5, DSW-6, and DSW-7 also have two unique switch options, which include Switch Option B and Switch Option C. Switch Option B is a weatherproof low differential travel switch, which features a neoprene gasket around the housing halves for a guaranteed tight seal. This switch includes an elastomer seal boot around the actuator and sealed conduit connectors. Designed for single pole, double throw and a maximum of four per unit, this switch includes plastic cable strain relief. Switch Option C is an explosion-proof switch which can be used in hazardous locations. SIngle pole, double throw for this aluminum enclosure, and a maximum of two can be used per unit.

Applications for Dillon DynaSwitch System

This force control switch system is designed to protect lifting machinery against weight or force overload and slack load. The switches are designed to perform control functions in the case of DynaSwitch. Switches are used instead of dial indicators to shut off power when in an overload condition or to warn users of an impending overload by operating lights, klaxons, or buzzers, depending on the situation. Crane overload protection is essential to the safety of the crew, and the Dillon DynaSwitch Systems help to provide users with the best options available.

The DynaSwitch unit itself can be installed at the end of a dead line or used to support an equalizer sheave or entire hoist. The CraneGard clamps onto the line, allowing it to be mounted wherever it is not possible to mount a DynaSwitch force beam. No rope cutting is required, making it quick and easy to install without interruption. When ordering DynaSwitches and CraneGards, make sure to specify the model number and the switch option and quantity. You should also provide the pulley size, which is determined by the rope diameter, and the switch set points, specifically if a factory setting is desired.

Order Dillon DynaSwitch Systems at CSC Force Measurement

If you are interested in learning more about crane overload prevention with the DynaSwitch force beam system from Dillon, contact CSC Force Measurement to speak with one of our sales representatives. We can answer any questions that you might have about Dillon DynaSwitch systems, as well as provide you with solutions designed to support your specific situation. Give us a call toll-free at 1-800-866-3672 or use our website to submit your order.