Dillon Industrial Crane Scales: Accurate & Repeatable Readings

industrial crane scalesEverything about the Dillon EDXtreme Crane Scale is extreme. If you are looking for accurate and repeatable readings, these industrial crane scales from Dillon are designed to meet or exceed your expectations. With incredibly high standards that focus on ensuring that material characteristics, load element design, and strain gauge all work together perfectly, the result is a typical accuracy of 0.1 percent of full-scale capacity. This Dillon electronic crane scale offers an enhanced resolution mode of 1 part in 5,000, providing the level of readability required for advanced weighing.

Above and Beyond to the Extreme

Dillon took the term “extreme” seriously, developing a precision instrument that can survive real-world punishment in practically every type of project or environment. The engineers who were involved in the design of the EDX Crane Scale created this by relying on their own knowledge and experience with industrial applications. Exhaustive materials test runs were conducted to ensure the highest level of structural integrity and guarantee accurate and repeatable readings. Other features include local gravity correction, which adjusts to localized gravitational conditions without recalibration, and custom units of measure, which can be defined by the user and allow the instrument to adapt to changing requirements.

Designed-in features include an exclusive SOFTKEY interface, which eliminates typically confusing menus for more straightforward operation and faster set-up, as well as a wide-angle, backlit LCD to improve readability and use in low light conditions. This advanced Dillon electronic crane scale boasts superior strength and resistance to corrosion, allowing it to be used in some pretty extreme environments. High-capacity models are constructed of powder-coated aircraft-quality alloy steel, while lower-capacity models are made from powder-coated aircraft-quality aluminum. These industrial crane scales received a 5:1 factor of safety, which ensures that strength and safety are maintained at all capacities in the advanced EDXtreme Crane Scale design.

Advantages of Dillon Industrial Crane Scales

Another significant advantage of the Dillon electronic crane scale is that the basic stand-alone model can be easily upgraded to “in the field.” This allows accurate and repeatable readings to be accommodated through the changing needs of the situation. Other features include remote configuration, data acquisition, and single-point monitoring of multiple links. Choose from hardwired or radio communication options and use an RS-232 interface to connect to a host PC for data collection, analysis, and further manipulation. There are so many designed-in features that can help to simplify the force measurement process in this latest model from Dillon.

Typical configurations of the EDXtreme Crane include stand-alone options for direct measurement applications, a single network with one EDX radio crane scale and communicator, and options for a single network with multiple EDX crane scales and a single communicator. The communicator itself is designed to monitor the load at each scale, plus the total weight. Other options include a single network with two, three, or four communicators and multiple networks, which feature numerous EDX crane scales and communicators. You can learn more about this advanced force measurement equipment when you visit the CSC Force website. Download a brochure and complete a data sheet for specifications regarding these industrial crane scales.

CSC Force Measurement

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