Dillon Quick Check-T: Tension Meter for Cell Tower Contractors

tension meter for cell tower contractorsIn October 2021, Dillon released a brand new custom designed tension meter created specifically for the cell tower market. It features a single sheave arrangement, Bluetooth communications and has a custom designed app to provide added benefits and assistance to cell tower contractors. Now available through CSC Force Measurement, the Dillon Quick Check-T is set to change the market, dramatically simplifying time on site and the time required to submit site reports. This innovative cell tower shunt meter was designed to make a difference, eliminating the need for changing sheaves, elaborate methods for figuring out target tensions, and other common complications.

Dillon: Saving Time and Money

The primary goal of the brand new Dillon Quick Check-T custom designed tension meter is to help cell tower contractors and industry businesses to save both time and money. There are many features integrated into the design of this cell tower shunt meter that focus on time-saving abilities and cost-cutting benefits. By adding Bluetooth to this device, Dillon made it easy for contractors to connect to company systems and computers, allow for better management and control, and work with just about any type of mobile device. The custom mobile app offers many significant benefits as well and can be used to automatically generate reports with photos, target tension calculations, and capture pre- and post-tension readings.

Cell tower contractors and users can also export data via the mobile app, making it easier to submit site reports and continue working without interruption. The capture rate for the Dillon Quick Check-T is 10Hz, 100Hz, and 1000Hz and features a dot-graphic LCD display that supports full text and universal units of measurement, including lbF, kgF, and Newtons. Choose from low, medium, and high resolution with up to 5,000 custom settings. The unit operates off of two C batteries and is calibrated with two AA batteries with 120+ hours of life with the backlight off. Recalibration is suggested every 12 months for consistent and repeatable operation. Approved by a majority of cell tower owners, this cell tower shunt meter was designed specifically for the unique needs of cell tower contractors.

Portable and Rugged Design

The custom designed tension meter features a portable and rugged design, uniquely created for outdoor use. It is suitable for continued outdoor use without requiring special handling and care. A hard polymer storage case is included for when the cell tower shunt meter is not in use. The tension meter is designed to operate effectively between minus four degrees and 158-degrees Fahrenheit. The accuracy rating of the Dillon Quick Check-T is + 3% instrument capacity, and a calibration certificate is included with curve readings. Each wire rope is calibrated and traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Passes only with three consecutive confirming runs, with all points in specification, for accurate and repeatable results.

Wire sizes range from 3/16-inch on up to one full inch. Factory calibrated for up to 20 unique wire sizes and types, this tension meter can be customized to best meet the daily demands of cell tower contractors. Capacity is 10,000 lbs/45 kN/4500 kg. The device itself is surprisingly light in weight, coming in at just 11 pounds (5 kg), and was designed to be easily handled and used. Speed and accuracy, which are essential for the cell tower industry, as well as time-saving check-tensioning modes and other operations, are built in to provide consistent and reliable results. Built-in averaging helps to save time and eliminate errors, while the advantages provided by the Bluetooth-enabled, custom mobile app are a huge asset to this intuitive piece of equipment.

Dillon Tools for Cell Tower Contractors

Dillon products are designed to help reduce time on-site while providing quick and accurate results for tension readings. This is essential for cell tower contractors to ensure maximum network coverage, quick installations and repairs, and precise measurements. The Dillon Quick Check-T can help contractors achieve their goals in minutes with inbuilt software designed to measure, read, and record each guy wire and anchor point to ensure that the tower itself is completely straight. If you would like to learn more about this custom designed tension meter or would like to speak with one of our sales staff about purchasing a Dillon cell tower shunt meter from CSC Force Measurement, give us a call toll-free at 1-800-866-3672.