ergonomics testing kitsTension and compression force measurement is essential to ensure ergonomics in the workplace and the testing of consumer products and devices. The basic principles of ergonomics are to ensure that the tasks being accomplished using the product, equipment, or device in question can be done without risk for musculoskeletal injuries. Worker safety and the development of safe products for consumers should be a top priority for manufacturers across many different industries. Ergonomics testing kits are used to perform a variety of tests to support the design, development, and continued assurance of ergonomics in equipment, machinery, products, and devices. The Mark-10 EK3 digital force gauge and dynamometer medical testing devices available at CSC Force Measurement are excellent choices for those looking to perform this type of ergonomic testing.

Why Ergonomics is Essential

While the study of ergonomics has been around for a long time, the popularity of this term and application of it in the workplace has become more well-known in the past three decades. Ergonomics testing has to do with the human element and how the user fits in with the things that they do, the objects that they use, and the surrounding environment. Physical stress reduction is the ultimate goal to prevent injury and other issues that can occur during activity. Dynamometer medical testing through the use of ergonomics testing kits is essential to ensure that the products, equipment, machinery, and devices being developed and marketed are safe and effective for human use. The Mark-10 EK3 digital force gauge kit offers both tension and compression force measurement for quick, accurate, and repeatable testing.

The term “ergonomics” and the way that it is applied can be quite broad. It can be used for safety testing a wide range of things from computer keyboards to smartphones, heavy-duty machinery controls to kitchen appliances, and just about anything else you can imagine. If people are going to be pushing, pulling, pressing, or using a product in any way, ergonomics testing kits are extremely valuable to determine safe use. Tension and compression force measurement is used for testing many different products. It is extremely important when new devices, products, and machines are being designed and developed for professional, industrial, commercial, or consumer end-users. CSC Force Measurement has a wide range of testing equipment available designed to meet the specifications and industry requirements of our customers.

Mark-10 Ergonomics Testing Kits

This particular testing kit features the Mark-10 EK3 digital force gauge and offers testing solutions in three capacities, including 100 lbF (500 N), 200 lbF (1,000 N), and 500 lbF (2,500 N) to meet all of your testing needs. It is used to test push/pull muscle strength and functional task requirements for workplace evaluations, physical therapy, and ergonomics studies. Our ergonomics testing kits present professionals with simple and economical testing solutions that they can use to effectively evaluate according to their needs. The kit includes the Mark-10 EK3 digital force gauge with data output, MESUR Lite data collection software, and a USB cable.

Other features of this tension and compression force measurement tool include:

  • double and single handles in non-slip rubber for good grip and consistent testing
  • flat, curved, and square padded attachments that can be mounted directly to the digital force gauge for musculoskeletal strength analysis testing
  • snap clasp and hook features added for extra safety with a swiveling action for proper alignment
  • round flat attachment included for compression testing
  • cushioned carrying case for the Series EK3, AC adapter, battery, user’s manual, and accessories
  • NIST-traceable certificate of calibration included; can provide ISO17025 calibration certificate as well through CSC Force Measurement

Dynamometer Medical Testing

CSC Force Measurement offers a wide range of solutions for testing tension and compression force measurement. Our line of ergonomics testing kits, including this option that utilizes the Mark-10 EK3 digital force gauge for dynamometer medical testing, can be customized according to your unique needs, specifications, and industry requirements. Our consulting team is here to help make sure that you get the right tool for the job. If you have questions about ergonomics testing or require something specific, speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service agents directly. You can reach by calling toll-free at 1-800-866-3672. CSC Force Measurement is open to serve our customers with quality products and value-added services. We have been deemed an essential business, providing professional services to clients across the country and around the globe.