Why Factory Authorized Repair of Mark-10 Force Gauges Matters

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Mark-10 Series 7 Digital Force GaugeMany different industries rely heavily on the accuracy of the data provided through the use of tension and compression measurement tools, such as the Mark-10 Series 7 Digital Force Gauge. As a result, it is highly recommended that companies seek out factory trained technicians to perform off-site or on-site repair services, including calibration. For best results, calibration of all Mark-10 gauges is recommended to be done annually by the manufacturer. However, heavy usage might increase frequency requirements. It is important to work with a reliable service that can handle all of your factory authorized repairs to ensure accuracy and reduce downtime.

C.S.C. Force Measurement, Inc. provides guaranteed repairs by a team of experienced technicians. Mark-10 is one of the major brands that we are authorized to repair by the manufacturer. Our team of factory trained technicians can also provide you with free expert advice to help you make important decisions about your tension and compression measurement equipment, such as digital force gauges and Mark-10 test stands. Our option for on-site repair services can help you get your testing equipment back on track. Preventive maintenance services, such as calibration and inspections, can help to reduce downtime even further.

4 Reasons to Choose Factory Trained Technicians
While it seems as though everyone is looking to reduce costs for everything from purchasing new equipment to outsourcing instrument repairs, it is still important to make sure that you do not compromise on quality in your quest to lower overhead. If your tension and compression measurement tools are not working as they should, it could end up costing you more than you saved. Quality matters in everything that you do and that includes hiring factory trained technicians to provide you with factory authorized repairs for your Mark-10 testing equipment.

Reason #1 – Trust
The confidence that comes with working with a company that you trust is worth its weight in gold. Factory authorized repairs mean that the technicians are properly trained, certified and that the work they do is guaranteed according to the standards of the manufacturer. Factory trained technicians will do a much better job with the off-site and on-site repair services that you hire them to take care of than technicians who have not received factory training. Companies that state they can make factory authorized repairs are vetted by the manufacturers, helping to earn your trust before you even interact with their staff.

Reason #2 – Knowledge & Experience
When you work with a team of factory trained technicians for repairs of tension and compression measurement equipment, you know that you will be getting the benefit of their many years of knowledge and experience. A service provider that offers factory authorized repairs has the official stamp of approval from the manufacturer for training and expertise. Technicians who are factory trained are not just initially trained, but required to maintain their knowledge and stay current with all of the latest products and services.

Reason #3 – OEM Parts
When you work with factory trained technicians who are authorized by the manufacturer, you will be getting repairs done with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. Not only does this mean that quality parts will be used for off-site and on-site repair services, but it also means that these authorized repair shops are more likely to keep OEM parts in stock to reduce downtime and get your tension and compression measurement equipment back up and running.

Reason #4 – Warranty
If your Mark-10 equipment is still under warranty, it is extremely important to ensure that you only get factory authorized repairs from factory trained technicians to maintain your warranty. Don’t allow your in-house staff or some random repair shop to take a look at your gauges and other equipment. Make sure to contact an authorized repair service that has experience working with warranty details which can act on behalf of the manufacturer to provide you with covered repairs and services.

Contact C.S.C. Force Measurement
If you require off-site or on-site repair services for your Mark-10 tension and compression measurement equipment or other valuable force measurement and testing equipment, contact C.S.C. Force Measurement by calling toll-free 1-800-866-3672. Our team of highly experienced and factory trained technicians can provide you with factory authorized repairs for the Mark-10 Series 7 Digital Force Gauge and all other Series Force Gauges, as well as equipment from other force measurement and testing equipment brands. Call today for a FREE estimate on any of the services we provide.

Click here to learn more about the Mark-10 Series 7 Digital Force Gauge