Flexible Testing Applications: Multiple Ranges of Measurement

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Flexible Testing Applications for Sample TestingWhen it comes to sample testing, sometimes there is a need for a torque force gauge that is designed to allow for multiple ranges of measurements in a single unit. Not only can this type of remote non-dedicated torque force gauge help to save time by making it easy to interchange load cells to maximize flexibility, but it also saves money by eliminating the need for additional gauges. Chatillon equipment has an excellent reputation in the materials testing industry, providing a wide range of testing equipment and accessories for use in the lab, out in the field, and on the production line. The Chatillon DFS II-R-ND Series is a perfect example of the flexible testing applications and quality solutions available from this popular brand.

Why Choose a Flexible Solution

The Chatillon DFS II-R-ND features a non-dedicated remote SLC and carries all of the features in the widely-used DFS II series in a package that is designed to provide the user with more flexibility. This particular torque force gauge instrument allows the user to change SLD load cells to add the flexibility of having just one base indicator with several load cells to provide solutions for different testing needs. The use of remote non-dedicated torque force gauge equipment allows for handheld or remotely mounted options, which make it easier to take readings in unique locations. When it comes to this particular device, one unit can do it all.

The economic savings opportunities that come from this piece of Chatillon equipment makes it highly attractive to industries that spend a lot each year on testing. It costs less to purchase the Chatillon DFS II-R-ND with SLC load cells than it would be to purchase several different gauges for the diverse range of applications that are met with this single package. The SLC load cells for the non-dedicated models provide even greater flexibility, offering options in higher ranges of force measurement up to 10,000 lbF for a wide range of applications.

Possible Considerations

Whenever you make an all-in-one type of device, whether it is for material testing or home coffee brewing, there is the chance that something will be lost in the process. IF the non-dedicated remote load cell is chosen, there will be some variance when connected to different gauges, since the load cell is not dedicated to that model for calibration. This particular unit can carry an accuracy of ±0.25% of full scale for standard ranges and ±0.50% of full scale for the extended ranges, which means that it still has excellent accuracy in spite of the flexibility that is provided.

If you want to turn your force gauge into a torque gauge with this Chatillon equipment, all you need to do is add the STS Series of remote torque sensors. There’s no need to purchase another gauge, as it can all be used together. By adding this optional configuration for flexible testing applications, the user has the maximum opportunity for flexibility with both force and torque measurement in a single gauge. The STS Series of torque sensors can be purchased in ranges from three in-lb to 200 in-lb, depending on your needs. The gauge will operate the same as if it were an integral load cell and all functions will operate normally. Additional Chatillon equipment can be found on the CSC Force Measurement website.

Special Features of the Chatillon DFS II-R-ND

When you purchase this package, some of the features include the ability to wirelessly transfer data via integral Bluetooth communications, as well as normal and peak operating modes. Advanced functions include load limits, pass/fail testing, load averaging and comparison, break detection, contact closure, embedded SPC, overload history, and display/output filtering. Choose from three different outputs, including analog, digital, and Mitutoyo, based on your unique requirements. This package features a simple user interface and allows for display languages in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and Chinese.

To learn more about the Chatillon DFS II-R-ND remote non-dedicated torque force gauge and other flexible testing applications available from Chatillon equipment, contact CSC Force Measurement by calling toll-free at 1-800-866-3672. You can also see our full online catalog or contact us via the web when you visit our website at www.cscforce.com.