Force Measurement Equipment for Medical & Ergonomics Testing

force measurement equipmentAt CSC Force Measurement, we offer a wide range of force measurement equipment, tools, and accessories to serve the needs of many different industries. It might be surprising to some, but we also offer dynamometer medical and ergonomics testing equipment that can be used to improve patient care in a variety of different settings. Medical dynamometers are used to measure and provide muscle strength analysis, comparison, and functional capacity evaluation for treatment and rehabilitation. These tools can also be used to monitor the progress of the patient while in recovery, or as a means of maintaining employee safety to meet standards and regulations, such as OSHA and other government requirements.

We work with the industry’s top brand manufacturers to provide our customers with the very best in medical dynamometers and ergonomics testing solutions. The equipment even features ergonomically designed hand-held features to allow for manual muscle strength testing. Created to serve the needs of patients and providers in the areas of physical therapy, rehabilitation therapy, and other therapeutic services, this type of force measurement testing works to measure the force necessary to push and lift. It can also be used in the development of industrial and medical diagnostic testing equipment to ensure that a product meets and complies with all relevant standards and requirements. Most medical dynamometers and ergonomics testing equipment are intentionally small and portable, making them ideal for use in clinics, hospitals, offices, home therapy sessions, and more.

Top Options in Medical Dynamometers

As you browse our website under the Dynamometers and Ergonomics Testing Solutions category at CSC Force Measurement, you will see that we offer product options from Chatillon, Mark-10, and Shimpo. These are some of the most well-known and respect brands in the force measurement testing industry, as well as within the medical diagnostic testing equipment sector. It is essential to choose equipment that will provide dependable, repeatable, and accurate results, particularly because these instruments will be used as part of providing quality patient care. You can count on these brands to provide accurate results and deliver reliable services for many years to come.

Shimpo Mechanical PT Kits – Available in two capacities, 50kg or 100 lb, the physical therapy kits with mechanical force gauge from Shimpo are used to provide dependable muscle strength and ergonomic force testing. Lightweight, rugged, and simple to use, this kit is perfect for therapists to use in isokinetic testing and job task analysis. Designed specifically for convenience and accuracy, all the Shimpo kits are capable of displaying peak compression, tension and real-time forces. Equipped with padded ERGO accessories, adapters, and N.I.S.T. traceable certificates of calibration, these kits are ideal for ADA compliance, safe workplace design, and comprehensive ergonomic studies.

Chatillon MSE-100M Medical Dynamometer – An ideal choice for functional capacity, muscle strength analysis, job task analysis, and ergonomic evaluations, this mechanical dynamometer from Chatillon features a large easy-to-read 2.25-inch dial and offers a variety of beneficial features. A concentric dial measures clockwise, a peak hold button captures peak readings, and a durable plastic housing provides the user with a comfortable and firm grip, even at maximum loads. These medical dynamometers can be used as hand-held devices or mounted to a test stand for even greater control. With an accuracy of +0.5% of full scale, you can depend on this medical diagnostic testing equipment to provide accurate and repeatable results.

Best in Class for Ergonomics Force Measurement Testing

In addition to the medical dynamometers created for specific tasks and multi-task force measurement testing, CSC Force Measurement also offers ergonomics-specific medical diagnostic testing equipment. One example of this is the Mark-10 Myometer Kit EKM5-200, which was designed to facilitate a wide range of strength assessments and ergonomics studies. This kit features a Series 5 force gauge with a 200 lbF range, tabletop mount, strap, and other essential accessories. Ideal for ergonomists and other medical industry professionals, the Mark-10 ergonomics testing solutions can be use to measure in real-time, as well as offer measurements for average and peak pull and push forces.

If you would like to learn more about our medical dynamometers and ergonomics testing solutions, contact CSC Force Measurement directly and speak with one of our sales associates. You can ask any questions you might have about our medical diagnostic testing equipment or any of the force measurement testing solutions that we offer. Our contact number is toll-free and is 1-800-866-FORCE.