Mark-10 gripping fixtures and accessoriesThe selections that you make for gripping fixtures and accessories will make or break your testing application. Businesses and developers use gripping fixtures to adapt testing equipment for the purpose of testing a particular sample. CSC Force Measurement sells a wide variety of options in force measurement equipment, but we also sell all of the grips, platens, and fixtures you need to maximize the abilities of your testing tools. If you aren’t sure what you need to achieve your goals in relation to force testing equipment, our team can provide free consultation services over the phone. We also feature a custom design service, which is very competitively priced, with satisfaction guaranteed. We can also answer any questions that you might have, either about a specific item, such as the Mark-10 peel test fixture and other Mark-10 gripping fixtures, or other brands and complete testing system options.

Mark-10 Gripping Fixtures

One of the more popular product lines available for use with force measurement equipment are the Mark-10 gripping fixtures, which come in a variety of types and sizes. Our clients purchase gripping fixtures and accessories that work with the specific type of testing equipment that they are purchasing or already use to adapt the system for a particular type of testing. Mark-10 has a solid reputation in the force measurement equipment industry, and we are an authorized dealer, factory authorized repair and calibration service, so we know a lot about these products. Choose the gripping fixtures that best match with your needs, such as the Mark-10 3-point and 4-point bend fixtures, with capacities of 500 lb/F and 2,000 lb/F for ASTM C393, C1161, and D790 testing requirements.

Other options include the Mark-10 bottle grip (G1023), clevis grip (G1077), clevis grip high-capacity (G1090) with up to 2,000 lb/F, and the dual roller grip adjustable (G1085). We also carry the Mark-10 dual roller grip (G1002), eccentric roller grip high-capacity (G1094), filament grip miniature (G1078), and a series of film and paper grips. Specific gripping fixtures and accessories are created to perform specific tests to meet industry requirements and safety regulations. The Mark-10 flip cap pull grip (G1104), Jacobs chuck grips for TSTM (G1022), Jacobs chuck pin vise grip (G1010), loop tack fixture (G1098), miniature component grip (G1003), and the popular multi-jaw grip (G1056) are also available. Because there are so many choices – much more than are even listed here – our team consults with each client to help them determine which Mark-10 gripping fixtures and solutions will work best for their needs.

Mark-10 Test Stands and Gauges

The fixtures that we sell are designed to be an integral part of a force measurement system, which includes a test stand and a test gauge. Designed to mount directly to the stand, such as the G1086 Coefficient of Friction (COF) fixture and the ESM3030 test stand with M5-2-COF gauge, which are all sold at CSC Force Measurement, Mark-10 gripping fixtures are easy-to-use. They provide quality, repeatable, and reliable results. Kits are available from the manufacturer or, for those who are purchasing all of the force measurement equipment together for a specific testing purpose, our team can help to create a custom kit based on your unique needs and requirements. Optional equipment can also be added that does not come standard with the gripping fixtures, force gauge, and test stand to further enhance the abilities of the testing system.

One of the more popular set-ups that we sell at CSC Force Measurement involves the Mark-10 peel test fixture (G1109). When combined with a test stand and force gauge to create a complete force measurement equipment system, this product can offer testing solutions with a 90-degree, 45-degree, and 30-degree peel. Designed for peel testing of tapes, films, foil seals, and other essential materials, the Mark-10 peel test fixture features an optional adjustable-angle mount to tilt the fixture into place per ASTM D6862, D3330, and D903 requirements. When used with the ESM 303 test stand from Mark-10, an integrated limit switch can be used to automatically stop the motion of the stand when the working table has reached the end of its travel. This particular fixture offers a maximum force of 100 lb/F and can be customized with a variety of optional adapters and mounts.

Gripping Fixtures and Accessories

You can find all of the grips, platens, and fixtures that you need when you visit the website for CSC Force Measurement. We have a complete page for gripping fixtures and accessories that can be used with force measurement equipment. If you have any questions about the Mark-10 gripping fixtures and Mark-10 peel test fixture equipment mentioned in this blog post, contact our team directly. We can provide all of the details, pricing, and support you require for all of the testing equipment and devices that we sell. Call our team toll-free at 1-800-866-3672 and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service agents.