force measurement equipmentMaterial testers and other types of force measurement equipment are used by many different industries to test quality control and safety for commercial and consumer products. From packaging to electronics, CSC Force Measurement sells equipment that is designed to provide cost-effective solutions and reliable, repeatable results. Two of the brand names that we frequently sell to our customers include Mark-10 test equipment and Lloyd Instruments testers. Both brands have earned a solid reputation in the force measurement testing industry and with our customers. We are proud to be a stocking distributor for Mark-10 and Lloyd Instruments, as well as for other top industry brands and manufacturers.

Mark-10 Test Equipment

Clients who require force measurement equipment have a lot of options with the Mark-10 test equipment brand. The digital force gauges series line from Mark-10 is quite popular, offering reliable material testers that are affordable and flexible to suit a variety of needs. Choose from Series 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7 digital force gauges, as well as the Mark-10 M5-2 Coefficient of Friction gauge. Torque gauges, torque tool testers, ergonomics force gauge kits, force, and digital torque indicators and a variety of manual and motorized test stands are just some of the examples of the fine equipment we sell from the Mark-10 test equipment line.

We also offer a wide range of accessories, including the Mark-10 bottle grip, Jacobs Chuck grips, padded attachments, parallel jaw grip, Jacobs Chuck pin vise grip, film and paper grips, miniature component grip, dual roller grip, and wire terminal grip. Other options are available as well, including a universal V-jaw cap grip, multi-jaw grip, universal cap grip, wedge grip, score bending fixture set, clevis grip, self-centering vice grip, and miniature filament grip. You can see the full line of grips, accessories, attachments, and other options on the CSC Force Measurement website under the Mark-10 test equipment category.

Lloyd Instruments Testers

We currently carry four different models of digital material testers from Lloyd Instruments testers at CSC Force Measurement. The LS1 Series is a high precision material testing machine that combines a wide range of grips, fixtures, extensometers, and software to create a very powerful material testing system. It can be used in various environments, including research and development, quality control, and educational for a wide range of applications and test types. Some examples include medical devices, packaging, plastics, textiles, electronics, and rubber. Tensile, compression, flexural, friction, insertion, extraction, peeling, tearing, and creep relaxation testing are just some examples of what this force measurement equipment can do.

The LS2.5 series is similar to the LS1 series in power, flexibility, and ability, providing testing options for higher capacities and different test types. It is particularly suited for rubber, plastic, and other high elongation materials due to the wide crosshead travel capacity. The LS5 series from Lloyd Instruments testers also has similar abilities to the LS1, and LS2.5 series yet has an even larger capacity, while still retaining a very small tabletop footprint and a large, flexible work space. Finally, the LD Series universal test machine has all of the capabilities and capacities of the other series models – and then some. It is extremely flexible, perfect for applications up to 100 kN and can be used for routine quality control testing, automated testing, and complex multi-stage testing. You can see these force measurement equipment options and much more in the Lloyd Instruments testers category on our website.

Quality Testing You Can Trust

When you work with CSC Force Measurement for the procurement of material testers and other force measurement equipment for industry, you can count on our many years of experience and knowledge of the business to connect you with the best options based on your needs. Whether Mark-10 test equipment or Lloyd Instruments testers are more appropriate for your business model will be determined by the type of testing that you need to do. If you would like to speak with one of our consultants about your load sensing and force measurement needs, just give us a call toll-free at 1-800-655-FORCE (3672). We can answer any questions you might have about our material testers and other equipment or provide you with preventive maintenance, repairs, calibration, and other essential services to keep your existing equipment working as it should.