Force Measurement Equipment: Manual vs Motorized Test Stands

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There are many options available in force measurement equipment. While there are lots of different features and functions found on testing machines today, there is one significant difference that is used to categorize the equipment. Manual machines, which are non-motorized test stands that allow the user to perform testing by hand; and motorized test stands, which automate many processes and provide a constant test speed. There are advantages to both solutions, which is why major manufacturers like Mark-10 test equipment make both manual and motorized options.

Choosing the Best Test Stand

A test stand is an essential part of any professional testing system. It doesn’t matter what industry or material you are testing, testing machines benefit from the use of test stands. Other elements in the testing system include a force gauge or torque gauge, depending on what you are testing, along with grips, software, and other testing accessories. For this article, we are going to be talking about force measurement equipment rather than torque testing machines. However, if you are interested in torque measurement options, Mark-10 test equipment does make options for testing torque: the Mark-10 TSTM-DC Motorized Torque Test Stand and the Mark-10 TST Manual Torque Test Stand, both of which are available at CSC Force.

It is essential to choose the right stand for your testing needs, whether that testing will be performed in the laboratory, on the production line, or in the field. Motorized test stands do provide an advantage over manual test stands, due to their ability to provide constant testing speeds. The human variable seen in manual testing machines cannot be accurately determined, which can affect some testing applications. This is why Mark-10 offers a wide variety of uniquely designed force measurement equipment with options for manual and motorized testing. Figuring out what you need can be challenging, but working with a company like CSC Force can help you find solutions that will meet your project demands.

Mark-10 ES10/ES20 Manual Test Stands

Manufacturers who are looking for test stands that are compact and economic may find the solutions they need in these manual test stands from Mark-10 test equipment. These models are excellent for small sample testing under tensile or compression applications. The ES10 features a lever option for quick-action testing. The ES20 utilizes a hand wheel, which provides the user with more precise measurement and results that are more consistent. These stands are excellent for use with Mark-10 force gauges and grips to establish a complete testing system designed to work with your budget.

Some of the features associated with the ES10/ES20 manual test stands include:

  • compatible with all Mark-10 force gauges, gripping fixtures, and accessories
  • small, compact size
  • mounting holes for easy bench mounting
  • removable baseplate with five #10-32 UNF holes for fixture mounting
  • optional dial indicator and digital indicator kits for up to 1-inch of displacement

If you think that the Mark-10 test equipment highlighted above would be right for you and your testing needs, contact a team member at CSC Force for more information. You can also view complete data sheets and specifications for these models on our website, as well as other testing machines, force gauges, and force measurement equipment from the trusted Mark-10 brand.

Mark-10 ESM303 Motorized Test Stands

Highly configurable and with all the “bells and whistles” found in advanced force measurement equipment, the ESM303 motorized test stands are made to be durable, even in the most demanding environments. An excellent choice for measurement applications that require compression and tension testing of up to 300 lbF [1.5 kN], this single-column force tester has lots of features and options that can be used to customize your testing system. FollowMe™ force-based positioning is a tool that can be used to provide quick and easy sample setup and positioning. Simply push or pull the force gauge or load cell to allow for a variable rate of speed to be used for moving the crosshead.

The advantages associated with this series of motorized test stands is clear. It provides a variety of ranges for clearance and depth for better cycling, break testing, and limit testing. Our customers use these testing machines across many different industries and for a wide selection of testing options. Tensile testing, elongation testing, load holding, and compression testing, are among the options available with the Mark-10 ESM303. An easy-to-use menu option allows the user to configure many different functions and a password-protection option allows pre-set functions to be saved. Up to 50 different profiles can be created to accommodate a variety of testing methods and customized options.

Contact CSC Force for Force Measurement Equipment

If you are in the market for testing machines, including manual or motorized test stands, make sure to contact CSC Force Measurement direct. Our team can help you choose the best Mark-10 test equipment based on your requirements and budget. Give us a call toll-free at 1-800-866-3672 or browse our website to view our selection of force measurement equipment. We are authorized distributors for a variety of top industry brands, including Mark-10.