Force Measurement for Industry: Rip Strength & Puncture Resistance

force measurement for industryOne of the best ways to learn how our force measurement equipment works is to learn about how it is used to support a variety of industry needs. One example is when a well-known travel bag company came to CSC Force in need of testing for rip strength and puncture resistance. The luggage’s fabrics were to be tested in accordance with ASTM D2261 and ASTM D5587 specifications. From the start, our team collaborated closely with the customer to make sure that their particular demands were met. Through our consultation, we made sure that the solution would include all of the reporting, test methods, and custom tools that the customer needed in force measurement for industry. These services are provided without additional cost to our clients and are regarded by CSC Force as “standard.”

Custom Tear Strength Tests

Together with the customer, our group of engineers and technicians developed a unique solution. The vice action gripping fittings, rated for up to 10kN draw force, were chosen by CSC Force for the tear strength tests. For the penetration test, our team created and produced specialized tools. A rounded probe and a clamp fixture were the tools used to keep the cloth in place for penetration. We chose Mark-10 test equipment for the motorized test stand that held the material testers. Based on the client’s requirements, the Mark-10 ESM1500 Motorized Test Stand and the Mark-10 Series 5i with Series R01 loadcells were selected.

The Mark-10 ESM1500 single-column force tester proved to be an excellent choice for fulfilling the necessary measurement requirements in the domain of baggage fabric testing. Additionally, the customer needed a low-cost test equipment with a high force rating. That was satisfied by the Mark-10 test apparatus and motorized test stand. The customer also made use of the program Mark-10 MESUR®gauge Plus. This decision was made since the program offered a user-friendly environment for doing the testing and supplying the necessary reporting features.

Standards ASTM D2261 – The customer had to make sure that material testers followed ASTM D2261 guidelines when conducting tear strength testing. The tongue or single rip operation, which makes use of a recorded constant-rate-of-extension-type (CRE) tensile testing equipment, is the method covered by the standard for measuring the ripping strength of textile textiles. The majority of textiles, including knit, woven, airbag, layered, napped, napped, and non-woven materials, may be tested using this kind of methodology in force measurement for industry.

Data Analysis to Meet Industry Standards

Customers that need sophisticated motion control, motion control coordination, and data collecting capabilities may take use of every feature in the MESUR®gauge Plus software. It contributes to the increased functioning of motorized test stands, other Mark-10 test apparatus, and force and torque measurement devices. To give real-time load vs. time or load vs. trip vs. time, the application has the ability to gather and show data in a graphical style.

The program Mark-10 MESUR®gauge Plus comes with a range of tools. In addition to swiftly exporting data to Microsoft Excel, it can be used to build custom reports, evaluate test results, including statistical computations, and much more. It also comes with pass/fail indications. There are options for custom test configurations, and all data may be stored and retrieved. The MESUR®gauge Plus software and Mark-10 test equipment also come with a big display screen and a utility that makes it easier to configure some Mark-10 gauges from a PC.

Standards ASTM D5587 – The standard test technique for ripping strength of textiles by trapezoid process, ASTM D5587, is another requirement that the customer had to follow. This specific testing method requires the tear to be begun before to testing in order to assess the tearing strength. It is crucial to understand that the stated value that these material tests produced has nothing to do with the force needed to initiate a rip. For trapezoid tearing strength, two formulas are given: the average of the five largest peak forces and the single-leak force.

Force Measurement for Industry

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