Force Measurement Products: Top Brands and Customer Service

force measurement products and customer serviceCSC Force Measurement is committed to providing our clients with the lowest possible pricing on name-brand test stands, gripping figures, and digital force gauge equipment at a time when businesses everywhere are looking for methods to cut costs without sacrificing quality. We recognize the importance of cost-effectiveness in developing new force measurement products and despite the state of the economy and other global concerns, many of these expenses remain unchanged. Through preventative maintenance services performed by factory-trained experts and repairs to all of the equipment we sell, our team strives to maximize the value of everything we provide. Our customers can count on receiving service that not only meets but also exceeds their expectations since we offer same-day services, on-site repairs and calibrations, and professional guidance and consultations.

We offer our customers a wide variety of force measurement equipment, including digital indicators and digital torque tool testers. The digital force gauge is a good illustration of this. When testing force, digital indicators are employed alongside remote load cells. There is a broad pricing range for indicators since they give different sets of findings and alternatives. Our team will work with you to develop a custom solution based on your specific requirements and those of the industry to which you belong, whether you are unsure of the force measurement products you require or need help selecting individual components such as digital force gauges, gripping fixtures, and reputable test stands. We stock force testing instruments from Chatillon, Mark-10, Dillon, and Shimpo, among others, with capabilities from 250 gF to 25,000 lbF, in both hand-held and test stand-mounted forms.

Quality Digital Force Gauge Equipment

We stock a broad variety of popular brand names in test stands so that we can provide for the demands of our customers. Test stands offer the infrastructure for delivering a load to your samples, and are intended to be used in tandem with other force measuring items for thorough testing and assessment. Distance measurement capabilities, extensometer inputs, and computer-controlled operation are all features available on modern test stands. These reputable test stands are available in both manual and motorized configurations to best suit your needs. Any workplace or setting that requires force measuring products and testing can benefit from using test stands from Chatillon, Lloyd Instruments, Mark-10, and Shimpo to obtain consistent data for many tests.

In order to do force testing on a wide variety of items and materials, you’ll need specialized grasping fixtures and accessories. We also have a broad variety of grasping fixtures and accessories to let you tailor your besting equipment to the specific sample you’re testing. By selecting the best grips, you can rest easy knowing that your testing application will be carried out just as planned. If you need assistance choosing the right grips, platens, or fixtures and can’t locate them in our online catalog, give us a call at 1-800-866-FORCE. If we don’t have what you need in stock, we’ll try our best to find it for you.

Force Measurement Products for Industry

Torque sensors from CSC Force Measurement are available in large quantities, each of which is built to provide excellent overload protection and precise, repeatable readings of the torque produced by a spinning system. We stock popular names like Chatillon and Mark-10 so that our customers may choose the ideal testing instrument for their needs. We supply torque sensors and other force measuring equipment with a wide range of capabilities, allowing them to be used in a wide range of applications. The necessity for fixed and complicated testing equipment may be avoided with the use of portable torque sensor devices. Find out more about how our torque measuring instruments may be paired with other high-quality, industrial items to fulfill any need. We provide free consultations to help you get the answers you need to reach your objectives.

Instruments such as the CDI Multitest Basic and Motorized Torque Calibration Systems, the CDI Torque Digital Torque Tester and Data Collection System, the Mark-10 Cap Torque Tester, the Sturtevant Richmont Digital Torque Tool, and the Tohnichi handheld and digital gauge series are just some of the torque instruments we stock. Equipment from trusted manufacturers, universal force measuring items, and specialized testing tools are all at your disposal. We also have a wide variety of torque wrenches and multipurpose screwdrivers. Based on your specific requirements and market standards, our experts can advise you on the items that will serve you best.

Call us at 1-800-866-FORCE if you have any questions regarding CSC Force Measurement or the force measurement products we carry and service. In addition to providing guidance and answers to your problems, we can also assist you find the resources you need to succeed. You may also send a query or a Contact Request using our website’s contact page. We’re here to help you out at this difficult time by offering services to vital organizations all throughout the world. For more information on how CSC Force Measurement can assist, service, and support your business, please contact us immediately.