torque and angle wrenchTorque wrenches are frequently used in manufacturing, maintenance, and repairs. They are considered a precision tool, measuring the force applied to a fastener while tightening. Digital torque wrenches feature a visual or audio indicator that alerts the operator when the desired torque force has been reached so they can stop applying pressure. The benefits of this are numerous, reducing damage caused by over-tightening or under-tightening a bolt. A digital torque and angle wrench is used to prevent weakness or damage to the fastener when tightening to bolt to improve safety measures during operation.

The automotive industry is just one example of a place where torque and angle wrench force measurement tools are used regularly. In some instances, the tightening of the fastener is also measured using the angle method. Measuring the torque angle is frequently used as the final check of a fastener to check for the tension applied during tightening. A torque and angle wrench, like the Sturtevant Richmont DTC series force measurement tools, electronically measures both torque force and angle rotation for a more comprehensive reading and improved accuracy. It replaces the need for using a separate angle gauge or protractor with standard digital torque wrenches.

The Sturtevant Richmont DTC Series

If you are looking for an affordable, yet dependable torque and angle wrench, look no further than the DTC Series from Sturtevant Richmont. If you have used Sturtevant Richmont tools, you are likely familiar with the 1250 Exacta Series digital torque and angle wrench, which is a top-selling tool. The DTC digital torque and angle wrench features the 1250 Series transducer within the micrometer adjustable body, providing a tool that is lightweight and slim, yet heavy on features. To ensure dependable, accurate results, the DTC Series cannot be set to a torque value that is beyond the wrench capacity. This is just one of the many built-in features of these force measurement tools.

This model features a black-and-white display and colorful light bands on the side of the wrench to help the operator quickly see when the target torque values have been achieved. The bands change from yellow to green, indicating success. Two additional modes can be selected, including an auditory beep and a vibrating handle, to increase operator awareness and ease of use in distracting environments and situations. The DTC Series can hold up to 1,000 torque results, which can be downloaded for review, making it suitable for even the busiest repair shops, assemblies, and quality control centers. The download is achieved using a mini-USB port and included DTC Connect Freeware so that the log can be uploaded to a PC in CSV format.

Torque and Angle Wrench Features

Another benefit of choosing this torque and angle wrench from Sturtevant Richmont is that it offers five modes of operation. You can use the digital torque wrenches in Peak mode, which provides the reading of the highest torque value that was created during the torque application. The operator can also use the Track mode, which displays torque values as the torque is being applied. The T2A mode is designed for use in highly engineered assemblies, offering torque to angle measurement readings. TAM mode offers torque and angle monitoring to identify changing joint conditions and any attempts to tighten previously tightened fasteners, known as a “double hit” in the industry. Finally, the Residual mode provides a measurement for the existing torque on previously tightened fasteners.

The Sturtevant Richmont DTC Series meets or exceeds ASME and ISO requirements is bi-directional with a +/- 2% indicated value from 20-100% of tool capacity and is built around the traditional pin/spring dovetail, which offers access to more than 200 interchangeable heads. The SDRT head is included with the wrench, which is adjustable via the keypad. Three AAA batteries are included with the torque and angle wrench, but it can also be used with rechargeable NiMH, Lithium-Ion, or alkaline batteries. Lockable settings and presets are also available with a four-digit password to prevent user error, and torque settings are available in units of measurement that include in/lb, ft/lb, Nm, cNm, cmkg, and mkg, depending on the operator’s requirements.

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