Force Measuring Equipment: Medical Industry Multi-Stage Test Procedures

force measuring equipmentMany companies rely on force measuring equipment to guarantee that their packing materials are of high quality, consistent, and provide enough protection. This include not just the materials but also any packaging parts, transportation containers, and related research and production procedures. Lloyd instruments testers are highly sought after by our clients due to their comprehensive test libraries that cover a wide range of industries. These libraries include tests for tensile strength, compression, flexural, peel, shear, static, and kinetic coefficient of friction, among many others. Using the extensive feature set of Lloyd Instruments material testers, complex multi-stage test procedures may be rapidly developed in accordance with industry requirements.

Tests for Tensile Strength

When it comes to pharmaceutical packaging, testing is all about measuring the impacts and interactions between the packaging, the contents, and the end-users. This include testing for both consumers and pharmaceutical settings. The pharmaceutical business has strict regulations regarding the packaging of medications and pharmaceuticals. The medicines and medications, together with their compatibility with the packaging materials, must undergo specific testing to guarantee their safety and shelf life. Packaging that is resistant to tampering, sometimes referred to as “child safety” packaging, sterility, and other requirements for quality assurance are additional issues.

A wide range of control choices and capabilities are available for Lloyd instruments testers. For further convenience, you may use a PC or laptop running the NEXYGENPlus software to operate the Lloyd Instruments LS1 digital material testers independently via the control console. With its enhanced and user-friendly User Configurable Test (UCT) functionality, this program is compatible with Windows and may be used with a large test standards library. Based on the requirements of the package testing, the LS1 may be integrated with a variety of grips, fixtures, extensometers, and other software, making it an economical option for materials testing applications.

Force Measuring Equipment in the Field

There are strict regulations and unique user requirements for the packaging materials used in the medical field. Therefore, it is imperative that testers and instruments used to assess material forces be capable of evaluating attributes including strength, durability, sterility, and barrier. To guarantee compliance with industry rules, documented test results are needed for both the initial designs and manufacturing. For instance, when it comes to packing for vital medical devices and supplies, cleanliness and appropriateness are of the utmost importance. The equipment or product within must be able to remain sterile while being easily accessible for quick usage by medical professionals.

The packaging used in the medical field must adhere to a number of protocols for verification and validation. To that end, material testers can confirm compliance with common standards such as ASTM F2054: Standard Test Method for Burst Testing of Flexible Package Seals Using Internal Air Pressurization Within Restraining Plates and ISO 11607-1: Packaging for Terminally Sterilized Medical Devices, which specifies materials, sterile barrier systems, and packaging systems. When evaluating medical packaging, it is essential to use force measuring equipment and material testers that can capture data that satisfies industry standards.

Choose Lloyd Instruments Testers

Manufacturers and testing facilities who want to utilize force measuring equipment from Lloyd Instruments have access to several innovative features that are highly helpful. The LS1 digital material testers provide load and extension data on an easy-to-read backlit LCD and include a membrane multi-function keyboard. The control console, which shows menus and prompts, is there to help the user navigate all the machine’s functions. With NEXYGENPlus data software, you may evaluate up to 600 test results that you can download via USB connection. You can also choose from 10 configurable test setups. Among the several standards covered by the test standards collection are ISO, EN, DIN, and ASTM.

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