New, Enhanced Force Testing Machine CS2 Series from Chatillon

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Enhanced CS2 Series ImageThe force measurement equipment industry has reached the next level with the introduction of the new and enhanced CS2 Series from Chatillon. Designed for tensile and compression testing up to 5 kN [1,100 lbF], this brand new series of force testing machine equipment is extremely easy to use. Ideal for use with testing a variety of different materials, including automotive, electronics, medical devices, and packaging. Other types of testing include pharmaceuticals, plastics, rubber, and textiles.

The new CS2 testing machines come in two distinct sizes, according to frame capacity. The first is a 1 kN [225 lbF] option, the Chatillon CS2-225 Series Digital Force Tester, and the second is a 5 kN [1,100 lbF] option, the CS2-1100 Series Digital Force Tester. Already considered to be an advanced force testing machine series, Chatillon really steps it up from the original CS series to the enhancements added in the CS2 series.

An Enhanced 2-in-1 Laptop

Both of the new CS2 testing machines feature an enhanced 2-in-1 laptop console. Each single column force tester includes this very user-friendly 9-inch touch screen console, designed for use in production environments. The interface of the console was created to be very intuitive, providing ease of use regardless of the operator’s skill level. Just a few touches on the screen is all it will take to set up a test, select runs, and generate data reports for analysis.

The laptop console offers quick boot up time and helpful startup screens. It also features a split Windows 10 Pro keyboard layout and utilizes user-friendly widgets to guide the operator through the process. These simple test setups are just some of the new features found in the enhanced CS2 testing machines. Completely “plug & play,” just turn on the power and testing can begin right away.

New Functions & Options Added

One of the most important enhancements found in this popular force measurement equipment is the addition of brand new functions. Sample testing and quality assurance provide an instant pass/fail output, along with controlled access levels, and a new barcode scanning functionality. Two levels of user access are provided, supervisor and operator, with both levels having the option for password protection.

Automatic data export is provided in a variety of views, and measured results are available for all test types. The operator can choose up to ten results to display, including spring, sheer, flexural, compression, tensile, and advanced multi-stage testing. The load measurement system of the new single column force tester series conforms to ISO or ASTM testing procedures. Both of the new CS2 testing machines offer a speed accuracy of better than one percent.

Larger Work Area, More Flexibility

Another enhanced area the single column force tester is the expanded work area. The CS2-225 model features a large work area with a 180 mm throat depth and a 500 mm crosshead travel. The CS2-1100 provides even more space, with a 150 mm throat depth and an 800 mm crosshead travel. Both models offer a wide range of grips, fixtures, extensometers, and software options. They also provide a variety of work tables to increase flexibility.

The test results from the force testing machine can be seen immediately on-screen during the testing procedure, and automatic export via RS-232 is provided after completion. The reports can be exported into two formats, including .csv and .pdf files. Data can be stored in two ways, either internally in the 32 GB hard drive, or to an external server via Wi-Fi connectivity or USB connections.

The Chatillon CS2 Series

To learn even more about the brand new and enhanced CS2 series of single column force tester machines from Chatillon, visit our website. You can view a full specifications and data sheet for both the 1 kN [225 lbF] Chatillon CS2-225 Series Digital Force Tester, and the 5 kN [1,100 lbF] CS2-1100 Series Digital Force Tester at CSC Force Measurement. To get a quote or place an order, give us a call toll-free at 1-800-866-3672 or send us a message online.