Custom Testing Solutions: Choose Gripping Fixtures by Sample

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Gripping Fixtures - Custom Solutions for Force MeasurementDevelopers and manufacturers use gripping fixtures to adapt testing equipment to better suit the needs of a particular sample. CSC Force Measurement carries a variety of different fixtures, ranging from pneumatic grips to peel fixtures and vice action grips. Our team can even assist you in the selection of gripping fixtures to provide you with the best possible option for testing your sample. We can even provide a custom design service, creating a comprehensive testing solution to include the proper grips, force gauge, and test stand, based on your requirements.

  • Score Bending Fixture Set – Consists of two fixtures that are used to produce a bend in plastic or fiber board materials. Designed to work well with test stands and force gauges for a complete bend testing system.
  • Opening Force Fixture Set – Popular gripping fixtures used by food and beverage industries, medical device manufacturers, and consumer product businesses. Designed to work with test stands and force gauges to create a complete opening force testing system.
  • Chucks – Designed for holding round samples, such as tubing or wire. Can be easily mounted to any force gauge or test stand. Jacobs Chuck Grips are used for torque testing and can be used with torque measurement test stands to create a comprehensive test system.
  • Peel Fixtures – Popular applications include testing of packaging used in the food and beverage industries, including films, foil seals, juice containers, adhesives, and other packaging. Peel fixtures can be used with standard and motorized test stands.
  • Pneumatic Grips – Excellent for testing seal strength for packaging, as well as elongation testing of different materials. It can also be used for other tensile testing requirements. Pneumatic gips feature a fully-enclosed, air-powered grip.
  • Self-Tightening – This cam grip works to secure the ends of cable, wire, and tubing samples for pull testing. The dual roller grip makes it easy to engage and disengage samples quickly and features a side slot for sample insertion.
  • Multi-Jaw Grip – Universal gripping fixtures used to grip irregularly shaped or round items. Excellent for consumer-based industries, including toys, clothing, electronics, and more.
  • Vice Action Grips – We carry a wide range of different sized and specialty vice action grips that can be used by many industries for gripping objects during torque testing. Check out our online catalog to see our list of gripping fixtures that fall into this category.

The Importance of Accurate Measurements

Product developers and manufacturers rely heavily on force measurement tools, which include test stands, force gauges, and gripping fixtures. They use many different types of grips, including peel fixtures, vice action grips, and pneumatic grips to ensure they get a proper measurement of samples. Torque measurements that are not accurate can cost a company both time and money, ultimately harming their brand if the errors result in safety issues or recalls.

Accurate testing can help to eliminate torque issues before the products are delivered to consumers. It helps to improve product quality and boost safety for end users. While some industries opt instead to “over design” to compensate for potential torque issues, they could save time and money by engaging in accurate testing during the development process and post-production. Many industries use force measurement testing with various torque gauges and gripping fixtures to ensure their samples meet their expectations.

Custom Services at CSC Force Measurement

The gripping fixtures that you choose for your testing equipment are essential to the success of your sample testing. Make sure that you get the right type of grips for your needs. Choose from vice action grips, peel fixtures, and pneumatic grips, along with other specialty gripping fixtures to create a complete and comprehensive testing system. CSC Force Measurement can help you make informed choices that will provide you with the best return on your investment. Give us a call toll-free at 1-800-866-3672 and speak with one of our technicians. Our custom services are very competitively priced, and we guarantee satisfaction. Call today for a FREE estimate on any of our custom services for force measurement systems.