data collection and analysis softwareOne of the most essential aspects of force measurement testing is having the right tools for the job. If you don’t have all of the accessories, fixtures, or a force gauge that can effectively measure the data that you need to collect, you won’t get very far. The same holds true when it comes to data collection and analysis software. Being able to take that data and present it effectively in a spreadsheet or graph format can ensure that you can properly analyze the information and perform necessary calculations.

The good news is that the top manufacturers of force measurement test equipment offer software that is designed to work specifically with their instruments. Two of these companies, Mark-10 and Chatillon, offer their data collection and analysis software right here at CSC Force Measurement. This helps our clients to choose the equipment and software they need so they can perform analysis and use vital information right away without delay. Programs are designed to work with the specifications and requirements of the branded equipment and instruments for the best results.

Mark-10 Software: MESUR Gauge and MESUR Gauge Plus

Clients who prefer the instruments and equipment from the Mark-10 brand, MESUR Gauge, and MESUR Gauge Plus data collection and analysis software can help you to maximize and expand the functionality of your force and torque measuring instruments and test stands. Designed to capture and display the data in graphical format for load vs. time or load vs. travel vs. time calculations, MESUR Gauge Plus offers advanced options to control the motion of Mark-10 motorized test stands. This control allows the user to coordinate motion control and data acquisition to streamline the process, enhancing their ability to collect essential data and analyze it for professional use.

Both of these Mark-10 software options include a set of tools, including a quick data export to Microsoft Excel, as well as statistical calculations, customizable reports, pass/fail indicators, and other essential options. The user can create custom test setups that can be saved and recalled again for later use. Test start and stop conditions can also be programmed in, including time, distance, load, and sample break. Users can configure certain Mark-10 gauges from a PC for advanced real-time load and travel data collection and analysis. A built-in simulated data generation tool allows the MESUR Gauge and MESUR Gauge Plus programs to be evaluated – even without the use of an instrument. Controls are supported with the use of ESM303, ESM303H, ESM750, ESM750S, ESM1500, and ESM1500S motorized test stands, allowing complete motion control and data collection with a single click.

Chatillon ForceTest Software

If the Chatillon brand equipment and devices are preferred by the customer, then Chatillon ForceTest software is recommended to analyze data and perform common mathematical and statistical calculations. This software is Windows-based, easy to use, and features a complete data analysis package that can be used with Chatillon brand digital force gauges and torque gauges. The program interfaces directly with the digital force gauge, allowing the user to perform tests and create graphs automatically using a PC. The test results are in real-time, offer live graphs, and can be monitored from a screen while the test is actively running. A colorful and intuitive user interface ensures that this force measurement software can be used effectively for tensile, compression, torque, peel, and friction tests with simple setup.

In just a few clicks, the user can perform basic force measurement operations, including pull-to-limit, pull-to-break, compress-to-rupture, and compress-to-limit, quickly and easily. Pre-test questions can help to further refine the performance and results, allowing for details like average force, elapsed time, maximum force, limit force, and peak force to also be displayed in the live graph. Spreadsheet format is used for the presentation of the test results from the Chatillon data collection and analysis software, which can be exported directly to Excel for further manipulation. Graphs and test results can also be exported directly into Word or PDF formats, depending on the needs of the user. This Windows-based software operates using the latest Windows 8 and 10 operating systems and is compatible with the Chatillon DFE II and DFS II Series, as well as the previous generation DFE I and DFS I Series to replace the popular NEXYGEN DF software.

Data Collection and Analysis Software

We value our customers and strive to go above and beyond to deliver quality services. Our team of highly trained and knowledgeable sales staff can offer support to customers who aren’t sure which data collection and analysis software options will best suit their needs. Whether you choose Mark-10 Software with MESUR Gauge or MESUR Gauge Plus, or if you select Chatillon ForceTest Software, our team can answer any questions that you might have and offer free consultation services to support your purchase. Call today at 1-800-866-FORCE (3672) to learn more about how this intuitive software can best serve your needs.