digital force gauges and data collection softwareThere are many different applications that can benefit from quality digital force gauges and a comprehensive torque testing system. Depending on the industry that you serve, your needs may be very specific or quite broad. Testing software can be used to enhance the data that you receive throughout the testing process. While digital is the way of the future, there are still certain situations where mechanical force gauges and manual systems are beneficial.

The measurement of force or torque, depending on the product, object, or material that you are testing is essential for quality assurance. Examples of situations where digital force gauges and mechanical force gauges are used include the peel force for a sealed bag of snacks, the pull force of a crimped wire, or the compression force of a spring. When it comes to a torque testing system, some examples of use would be the amount of torque required to open a water bottle cap. Torque is a rotational force, another type of force measurement.

Why Force Data is Important to Industry

The gathering of force data is instrumental in the development of products, packaging, and all sorts of everyday items that we, as consumers, take for granted. If not effectively designed, tested, checked, and validated, certain safety issues, non-conformance with industry or government standards, and ultimately, customer dissatisfaction could occur. Digital force gauges and testing software are basic methods used to measure force across many different industries all around the globe. Typical units of measurement for force include lbF (pound-force), kgF (kilogram-force), and N (Newton).

In addition to being the basic foundation of force measurement, the use of digital or mechanical force gauges is also the most economical method for this type of testing to date. Force gauges of all kinds have been in use for many decades; however, the advances made in the realm of digital force gauges in recent years have made them even more beneficial and affordable. While digital force gauges can be handheld, they are more accurate when used with a test stand to reduce variabilities caused by the operator. Other benefits include ensuring the axial alignment with the load cell shaft to prevent damage to the load cell or inconsistencies in readings.

Types and Brands of Force Gauges

There are many different varieties available when it comes to force gauges. Test stand mountable and handheld, load cell integrated, and external load cell gauges are just a few examples. Digital force gauges and manual or mechanical force gauges are other options that can be used, depending on your needs. Force gauges are used to measure pushing or pulling forces, so it is essential to choose an option for a force or torque testing system that best suits the material or product that you are testing. Testing software can also be used to maximize the abilities of the machinery, so make sure you choose a product that will provide you the data that you require.

Some of the examples of force gauges available at CSC Force Measurement include:

  • Chatillon Analog Force Gauge – DG and LG Series
  • Chatillon Digital Force Gauge – DFS II, DFE II, and DFX II Series
  • Dillon Compression Force Gauge – X-C Series
  • Dillon Compression/Tension Force Gauge – X-PP Series
  • Dillon Force Gauge – U Series
  • Mark-10 Digital Force Gauge Series 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7

You can also see our full line of torque testing system equipment, which includes products from CDI Torque, Mark-10, Sturtevant Richmont, and Tohnichi. We carry a wide variety of options for accessories and adapters, bottle top testers, calibration equipment, torque analyzers, sensors and instruments, and torque wrench calibration systems. We also have Chatillon and Mark-10 torque sensors, as well as a variety of mechanical and digital torque wrenches and screwdrivers.

About CSC Force Measurement

We are dedicated to providing our customers with a full line of digital force gauges, mechanical force gauges, testing software, torque testing system, and other equipment essential for force measurement. For over 50 years, quality control managers have relied on CSC Force Measurement for proven performance in a variety of force measurement equipment, products, accessories, and services. We are a stocking distributor for CDI, Chatillon, Dillon, Mecmesin, Lloyd Instruments, and Mark-10 products. We also provide excellent products from a wide range of other quality manufacturers. To learn more about our services or to place an order, contact our team at 1-800-866-3672.