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Lloyd Instruments Digital Material TesterC.S.C. Force Measurement is proud to announce the introduction of three digital material testers to our clients from Lloyd Instruments. The Lloyd LS1 is a new generation single column high precision materials testing machine. Designed to measure forces up to 225 lbF, these testing machines are ideal for everything from routine quality control testing to complex multi-stage testing. As far as digital material testers go, the Lloyd Instruments testers are very versatile and can perform a wide variety of tests, including compression, flexural, peel, shear, tensile strength, static, and kinetic coefficient of friction for many different industries. In addition to the Lloyd LS1, our new equipment sales department also features the Lloyd LS2.5 and Lloyd LS5 testing machines, to better serve the needs of our clients.

Free On-Site Demonstrations With An Actual Machine

On-Site Demonstrations are available at no charge. Some companies bring a computer and show the features of a system in a slideshow. We think that’s boring and not very helpful. This is why CSC Force Measurement keeps systems on-hand for demonstration. We bring a machine, grippers, and expertise to your location and test your actual specimens right there in front of you. This provides a ‘hands-on’ experience for all involved, allows you to know with 100% certainty that your testing needs will be fulfilled. Just click or call above to schedule!

Spotlight: Lloyd Instruments LS1

Some of the features included in the Lloyd LS1 include a wide speed range of 0.01-2032mm per minute for faster testing and higher productivity; an exceptional load accuracy; a variety of control options to choose from; and NEXYGEN Plus software, which is Windows® 7 compatible and features improvements made to the User Configurable Test (UCT) functionality that compliments the comprehensive test standards library. The brand new LS1 is an affordable solution for high precision materials testing applications up to 225 lbF capacity. It can be combined with a range of Lloyd Instruments testers grips, fixtures, extensometers, and software to match with your application.

New features in the LS1 material testers include:

  • high mechanical stiffness designed with modern linear guide technology, pre-loaded ball screws, and advanced software compensation systems
  • wider speed range than other models for faster testing and improved productivity
  • unprecedented load accuracy using high accuracy interchangeable XLC series load cells
  • tension and compression testing with cycling to load and extension limits are standard features with the Lloyd LS1
  • more machine control options, such as stand-alone mode with an optional control console, PC or laptop and NEXYGENPlus analysis software
  • system can store up to 600 test results from a choice of 10 programmable test set-ups
  • easy-to-use advanced test setup features with the NEXYGENPlus software, allowing users to quickly build advanced multi-stage test routines using simple built-in commands for component or product testing

Visit the Lloyd LS1 page for more details and information about this product.

Spotlight: Lloyd Instruments LS2.5

Another new product now available at C.S.C. Force Measurement is the Lloyd LS2.5. Affordable and easy-to-use, just like the Lloyd LS1, these testing machines are capable of storing up to 600 test results from a choice of 10 programmable test set-ups. The LS2.5 is designed to be well-suited for use with the testing of plastic and rubber, as well as other materials that require high elongation. This unit features a wide crosshead travel capability and high speed. It also utilizes high accuracy loadcells for tension, compression, and cycling through zero force measurements. These features can be enhanced through the use of NEXYGENPlus software and data can be easily exported to Excel, Outlook, and Word. In the new line-up of Lloyd Instruments testers, the LS2.5 was designed to replace the Lloyd LRX Plus.

Some of the most notable features of the LS2.5 include:

  • load measuring system is designed to exceed all recognized international standards and requirements
  • provides a data sampling rate of 8kHz
  • high-resolution backlit LCD data display with an intuitive operator interface
  • flash memory is upgradable
  • standard options include a multi-unit and multi-lingual display

Visit the Lloyd LS2.5 page for more details and information about this product.

Spotlight: Lloyd Instruments LS5

C.S.C. Force Measurement is proud to feature these digital material testers, which are capable of providing testing applications up to 1124 lbF. Compatible with NEXGENPlus software and Microsoft products, including Excel, Outlook, and Word, these testing machines feature an integral control console with a multi-function keypad and an LCD data display that is easy-to-read. The display shows both the user load and extension information for each test that is performed with these Lloyd Instruments testers. Some of those most prominent features include the use of high accuracy interchangeable YLC load cells and a crosshead travel of 800 mm or 31.5 in, with extended version options that allow for travel up to 1400mm or 55 in.

Visit the Lloyd LS5 page for more details and information about this product.

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To learn more about these featured Lloyd Instruments testers and other new equipment sales available at C.S.C. Force Measurement, give us a call toll-free at 1-800-866-3672. Our team can help you to determine which digital material testers would be best for your specific needs. In addition to reconditioned, demo, and new equipment sales, we also offer factory trained repairs and calibration services. Check out our brand new website to see our full line-up of testing machines, force gauges, test stands, and other essential equipment.