lloyd testing machinesBusinesses searching for complete assembly testing solutions with a versatile and easy-to-use system should consider the LD Series from Lloyd testing machines. Excellent for testing a wide range of material types, this powerful machine can be used for small and large sample testing. High performance and flexibility are essential for manufacturers that require testing for a wide range of products. Universal materials testing machines are perfect for testing applications up to 100 kN or 22,480 lbF and can be used for routine quality control, automated testing, or complex multi-stage testing processes. Lloyd Instruments has a solid reputation in the force measurement testing industry for creating quality products. You can count on Lloyd to deliver high performing, repeatable, and reliable results for all of your testing needs.

Flexible Universal Materials Testing

Perfect for testing applications that include wood, rubber, plastic, packaging, metals, automotive parts, and construction materials, just to name a few; the LD Series from Lloyd testing machines can be used in many ways. The machine can be mounted above a floor-standing compression cage for extensive sample testing, and it can also be used for complete assembly testing scenarios. Test capacities range from 5kN (1,124 lbF) on up to 100kN (22,480 lbF) for a wide range of product testing situations. This universal test machine provides reliable, repeatable testing with an extra-large working area of 17.8 inches (452 mm) and a crosshead travel of up to 42 inches (1070 mm), extendable to 65.7 inches (1669 mm) to accommodate the item under test. A crosshead guidance system is incorporated into the frame to prevent side-loading of the test sample for greater accuracy.

Easy adaptable to your needs, pancake load cells can be easily interchanged to optimize the test machines for tension, compression, and cycling through to zero force measurements. This ensures high accuracy and repeatability for many different types of testing. Other beneficial features include an advanced electrical design, which features an AC drive with preloaded ball screws for better displacement accuracy. Choose from five different bench-mounted models, including the LD5, LD10, LD30, LD50, and LD100 to meet your needs and requirements for robust testing. This universal test machine uses NEXYGEN Plus Software to interact with Microsoft Excel and Word, allowing for the automatic transfer of test results into report templates based on your specific corporate templates and demands.

The NEXYGEN Plus Software Advantage

When you purchase Lloyd testing machines, you gain the benefits that come from using NEXYGEN Plus software, which comes standard with Lloyd Instruments testing systems. This intuitive and powerful software comes with an extensive library of pre-set testing methods that can be used to achieve a variety of standards, including ASTM, DIN, EN, and ISO. Advanced user-controlled and configured test set-ups can also be used for a specific product and component testing, as well as Research & Development use or another type of specialized testing. The software is very intuitive and easy-to-use, which makes it simple for operators to control and monitor all aspects of universal materials testing from start to finish. A single front-end interface provides fast, reliable, and accurate testing and opportunities for quick data analysis.

Some of the other features associated with NEXYGEN Plus software includes an advanced multi-stage testing option and multi-lingual functionalities. The Multi-Stage Test Option can be enabled through the User Configurable Test to allow for the fast build of advanced multi-stage testing routines that can be triggered with built-in commands. Language options include English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Danish, Turkish, Russian, Polish, and Chinese. Automated workflows also help to save time with this universal test machine, offering an automatic reading of sample dimensions and data export for batch testing to Excel as a standard feature. Additional analysis can be provided with video and still image captures, allowing samples to be more thoroughly examined after the test has been completed. Test Wizards are included to make testing for tension, compression, tearing, peeling, friction, and flexural very simple an straight-forward for the operator.

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