load and torque sensorsThere are many different industries that rely on load and torque sensors as part of a digital force tester system, such as the Chatillon DFS II-R-ND series digital indicator. Chatillon load sensors and torque sensors are what is known as a “plug and play operation,” designed to work perfectly with a force gauge load measurement instrument. Accuracy, repeatability, and consistency are essential to ensure that the measurements provided by the equipment can be trusted. Manufacturers and other industry services that rely on Chatillon testing equipment can attest to the quality of these products, which are all available through CSC Force Measurement.

Chatillon Load Sensors

The Chatillon SLC Series loadcells are full-bridge, strain gauge sensors complete with a 15-pin plug. This load measurement instrument can be used with the Chatillon DFS II-R-ND Series digital indicator, as well as the Chatillon TCD Series digital force tester systems. When switching from the intended use with the DFS II-R-ND to the TCD Series, recalibration with a TCD Series console is required to ensure accuracy up to 0.25 percent full scale. A calibration certificate can be provided by CSC Force Measurement for ISO 17025 standards.

The sensor plug provides memory storage for the loadcell values and sensitivity factors. When the Chatillon load sensors are connected to the DFS II-R-ND indicator or TCD Series force tester, the capacity and calibration points are designed to be automatically recognized by the sensor. The instrument then becomes a fully-featured load measurement instrument. A retractable cord is used to connect the loadcells to the DFS II-R-ND or TCD console that can extend up to nearly nine feet in length. A one-year warranty is offered with these load sensors.

Chatillon Torque Sensors

The Chatillon STS Series torque sensors are designed for use with the Chatillon DFS II-R-ND Series digital indicator. The capacities of these torque sensors include 3 in/lb, 12 in/lb, 50 in/lb, 100 in/lb, and 200 in/lb. The STS Series torque sensor from Chatillon meets ASTM E4 and BS EN ISO 7500 part 1 for a +0.3 percent accuracy sensor.

They are full-bridge strain gauge sensors that are complete with a 15-pin plug. Similar to the Chatillon load sensors, these torque sensors store the values and sensitivity factors in memory within the sensor plug, and when connected to the indicator, the capacity and calibration points are automatically recognized by the instrument. This allows the instrument to become a full-featured torque measurement instrument. Operating temperature for these torque sensors is between 40 and 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

Chatillon Force Gauges

The Chatillon DFS II and II-R-ND Series force gauges are designed for testing capacities that range between 2 lb/F to 500 lb/F and offers the best price performance of any digital force tester gauge available today. This gauge uses a remote SLC load cell or STS torque sensor, which is dedicated to the unit. The user can test in locations where a fixed and integral load cell is impractical and is the first of its kind to offer wireless data transfer and Integral Bluetooth communications.

The primary use of this particular force gauge is to collect data for tear strength testing on new materials. The user has the ability to use the DFS II and II-R-ND to perform statistic analysis on the data directly on the screen and, when mounted to an LTCM Series test stand, testing can also be performed at the end of a production line to transfer the results to a PC for further analysis. Load and torque sensors are used to achieve the various load and torque measurement options provided by the Chatillon DFS II-R Series. Two types of break detection, which include sharp break and percentage break detectors, are available in this popular series from Chatillon.

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