Mark-10 Advanced Test Frames for Compression Force Testing

advanced test framesMany different industries rely on Mark-10 products for tension and compression force testing. The Mark-10 F Series advanced test frames are designed to provide force capacities of up to 500 pounds of force. The operator can choose between vertical or horizontal orientations, which makes this force measurement test stand more flexible and adaptable than many others currently on the market today. Choose from a broad range of force sensor capacities and a wide selection of grips and fixtures to further customize your testing abilities and results. CSC Force Measurement is a stocking distributor for Mark-10 products along with other well-known names in the force measurement testing industry. If you aren’t sure what you need to achieve your testing goals, our experienced consultants can help match you to the best products based on your unique needs and requirements.

Advanced Test Frames: The Mark-10 F Series

The options available for this particular series of force measurement test stand products include the F105, F305, F505, and the F505H. Each option has different force capacities and is designed to allow the operator to set up tests, record data, and analyze that data via IntelliMESUR® software. Whether you want to perform basic tension or compression force testing or require a multi-step sequencing system, IntelliMESUR® can be fully integrated with the Mark-10 F Series products. Choose from a pre-configured tablet control panel for easy operation or standalone software, which can be used with your own Windows operating system device.

The F105 test frame has 100 pounds of force capacity, while the F305 features 300 pounds of force capabilities. For those who require up to 500 pounds of force, both the F505 and the F505H (which stands for horizontal, as in the orientation of the force measurement test stand) would make the perfect choice. Some of the features of these advanced test frames include modular design, external limit switches, seamless force sensor interfacing, rigid and precise mechanical design, and easy-to-service electronics. The maximum travel of the Mark-10 F Series stand is 18 inches, and the speed range is 0.02-45 inches per minute. The load sampling rate is 20,000 Hz, the data acquisition rate is 1,000 Hz, and the speed accuracy is +/- 0.2 percent of setting with virtually no variation under load.

Easy Use with Seamless Force Sensor Interface

One of the most significant features of the Mark-10 F Series systems is that the smart force sensors mount directly to the crossheads without requiring any connection cables. The Series R07 S-beam type of force sensors can be used to accommodate higher force ranges, and this force measurement test stand is designed to be compatible with the popular Plug & Test® technology. Most of the electronics in these advanced test frames are housed inside of an integrated module, which can be easily replaced without requiring any special tools, servicing, or processes. Solid-state upper and lower limit switches can also be used with this system as test limits or test exceptions.

The modular design of the tension and compression force testing stands can be removed to accommodate column extensions and alternative mounting configurations. This helps to maximize the return on investment for the Mark-10 F Series system, regardless of the capacity size you choose. Integrated T-slots along the column of the stand makes it easy to use add-ons for even more specialized testing requirements. The exceptionally rigid frame design of this force measurement test stand was created through the use of a custom extrusion design and was engineered for stiffness. Stepper motors and controllers are used to drive a ball screw for a smooth and quiet operation with virtually no speed variation under load.

Tension and Compression Force Testing

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