Mark-10 Advanced Test Frames for Tension & Compression Testing

advanced test frames Mark-10The Mark-10 F Series family of advanced test frames force measurement test stands offer a versatile and dependable option for both tension and compression force testing. With force capabilities ranging up to 500 lbF (2.2 kN), operators can choose from vertical or horizontal orientations, as well as a wide range of force sensor capacities and a very expansive array of grips and fixtures. Mark-10 force testers make it easy to set up tests, record data, and analyze data through the use of their proprietary IntelliMESUR Software. Whether you need to run basic tests or create multi-step sequencing, this software is fully integrated with the Series F systems to provide the best possible results.

Force Measurement Testing Equipment

These Mark-10 force testers come in three different capacities. The F105 has a capacity of up to 100 lbF, while the F305 has a capacity of up to 300 lbF. The F505, which comes in an H or horizontal setup option as the F505H, has a capacity of up to 500 lbF. Choose the best option according to your testing requirements and budgetary needs for tension and compression force testing. You can also choose from an optional pre-configured tablet control panel or utilize standalone software on your own Windows-based device. Electronics are easily accessible, making them easy to service. They are housed in an integrated module and can be quickly replaced without the need for special tools or processes.

These advanced test frames F Series models use the Series FS05 smart force sensors, which can be mounted directly to the crossheads for models F105, F305, F505, and F505H without any connection cables. Ranges are available from 0.12 to 500 lbF and accuracy is within +/- 0.1 percent of full scale. These Mark-10 force testers can also be used with the Series R07 S-beam type force sensors to accommodate higher force ranges and are fully compatible with Plug & Test technology. The range for these sensors is between 50 to 1500 lbF and accuracy is within +/- .15 percent of full scale. Solid-state upper and lower limit switches may also be used as test limits or test expectations, while dual-graduated rulers can aid in switch placement.

Modular Design for Advanced Test Frames

Mark-10 products have earned a reputation within the force measurement testing equipment industry for being rigid, precise, dependable, and durable. In addition, the F Series is known for its modular design. The frame bases of these Mark-10 force testers can be removed to accommodate column extensions and alternative mounting configurations, adding to the versatility of the advanced test frames. Most of the electronics are housed within a self-contained enclosure and integrated T-slots along the column are designed to accommodate a wide range of add-ons. The test frame itself ranges from 60-70 pounds and it is designed for indoor use only, with environments up to Pollution Degree 2.

Included with the F Series tension and compression force testing frames is the control panel, mounting bracket, and hardware or the mounting bracket and column end for the F505H series only. US flash drive with software installation files, USB cable, power cord, and a variety of hooks, compression plates, extension rods, couplers, adapters, and an Allen wrench set are also included. A three-year warranty is provided and clients can also purchase the Series FS05 force sensors, safety shield, single column extensions, double column extensions, USB hub, and eye end adapters as optional add-on equipment through CSC Force Measurement. The frames are exceptionally rigid and feature custom extrusions designs created for stiffness.

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