mark-10 digital indicatorOne of the best ways to maximize your budget for testing in the workplace is to use equipment that allows for true interchangeability. The Mark-10 digital indicator series, which includes the M3i, M5i, and M7i models, is fully compatible with other Mark-10 indicators, saving all calibration and configuration data within the sensor’s smart connector instead of the indicator, which can be processed with provided data acquisition software. The latest model, the M7i, features an amazingly fast sampling rate of 14,000 Hz. This helps to support quick-action tests that produce reliable and repeatable results. Building on the success of the popular M5i model, this latest version features high-speed continuous data capture and storage, with memory capabilities for up to 5,000 readings. With a programmable footswitch sequencing feature, along with break detection and first-second peak detection, there are many reasons to choose this Mark-10 digital indicator for use with a wide range of force and torque sensors.

Quality Force and Torque Sensors

Some of the frequently used sensors with the M-Series Mark-10 digital indicator products include the R01 S-Beam force sensor, R03 inline force sensor, and the R05 fully-enclosed smart sensor. Choose from a wide range of options, including force and torque sensors for wire crimp pull, miniature button options, tool calibration torque, universal torque, closure torque, and high-capacity torque sensors. To see the full list of Mark-10 sensors, digital force gauges, and digital indicators available through CSC Force Measurement, visit the feature page for the Mark-10 M7i Professional Digital Indicator.

Mark-10 has a solid reputation in the force measurement and testing industries, delivering high-quality and reliable equipment for a wide range of testing needs. The M7i digital indicator is perfect for use with a Coefficient of Friction unit of measurement and user-defined unit of measurement, which adds flexibility to operations for the testing operator in specialized applications. Automatic data output, data storage, zeroing upon break detection, averaging, external triggers, and other features help to maximize this versatile tool’s capabilities truly. Compatible with Mark-10 motorized test stands, force and torque sensors can also be used to provide testing for dynamic load holding, break testing, and more. PC control capacity and other features can be used to create custom testing opportunities.

Powerful Data Acquisition Software

Mark-10 digital indicator, digital force gauges, and other professional-grade testing equipment can be used with the included MESUR Lite data acquisition software, which tabulates continuous or single point data, depending on the test’s needs. The data is saved inside the indicator’s memory, which can be downloaded in bulk. Features include a one-click export to Excel for quick and easy data manipulation. The M-Series digital indicators from Mark-10 include MESUR Lite software, along with MESUR gauge and MESUR gauge Plus 90-day trial, along with a user’s guide and certificate of calibration when ordered with a compatible sensor. CSC Force Measurement can also supply an ISO 17025 calibration certification upon request.

The interchangeable force and torque sensors can be added with easy-to-use Plug & Play technology. While the sensors are sold separately, there are many to choose from that can be used to extend and enhance the use of this flexible, interchangeable piece of equipment. Additional features, including sensor password protection, which prevents the use of an unauthorized sensor, and password protection for individual keys and calibration, provides comprehensive control for the operator and testing procedures. Five units of measurement plus Coefficient of Friction and user-defined units can be applied with custom configurable names. Programmable set points, footswitch command string, and an external trigger mode can help to further customize the experience and increase the abilities of the Mark-10 digital indicator, as well as all interchangeable force and torque sensors that are added.

The Mark-10 Digital Indicator

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