score bend fixtureOne of the most beneficial reasons to work with Mark-10 products is that they offer a wide range of versatility that can be used to enhance many different manufacturing projects. Mark-10 fixtures sets, like the G1071 Score Bend Fixture Set, can be used in several unique ways to serve a client’s needs. When combined with a motorized test stand, which is required to fulfill the test speed requirements of TAPPI T829, these fixtures are capable of measuring a maximum force of up to 50 lbF or 250 N.

What Does a Score Bend Fixture Do?

These Mark-10 fixture sets are used to measure the force required to open or bend scored paper cartons and paperboard materials. They can also measure the quality of the corrugated score to improve the integrity, increase efficiency in production, and maintain consistency in the specifications between the manufacturer and the packager. All of these focal points help to create a better product, reduce downtime, and prevent lost materials. The Mark-10 motorized test stand that you choose, which can include ESM303, ESM750, ESM1500, ES30, TSC1000, TSF, TSFM500, or the ES10/ES20 model, is used to display results to the operator.

While maintaining identical package specifications might not seem like an essential task that would require the use of force measurement tools, consider how vital paper cartons and paperboard materials are to the commercial and industrial manufacturing and shipping industries. The data obtained through this testing with Mark-10 fixture sets, such as the score bend fixture and other gripping fixtures, is essential to the performance of the items that are being tested and can ensure that the machinery that controls production is operating accurately for best results. Quality control is important at every phase of manufacturing, whether you are creating a consumer product or the box that will be used to ship dozens of products to a retail store or warehouse.

The Mark-10 G1071 Score Bend Fixture

This particular set of fixtures is used to produce a 90-degree bend in fiberboard materials and plastics. The Mark-10 score bend fixture set is compliant to TAPPI standard T829 for the evaluation of the relative quality of scores in corrugated containers. Easily removable upper and lower fixtures can be used with your choice of Mark-10 test stand and force gauge to create a complete score bend testing system. Designed specifically for compatibility with Mark-10 force gauge and motorized test stand, you can see a full list of recommended options in the listing for these Mark-10 fixture sets on the CSC Force Measurement website.

When the score bend fixture is used, the resulting value will be displayed on the force gauge as a force value. However, it is essential to note that the abstract score ratio, as called for in T829, is not automatically calculated. The Mark-10 fixture sets meet the requirements of this testing procedure, but the calculations for T829 will need to be configured and used with a motorized test stand to fulfill the TAPPI T829 requirements. If you have questions about how this works or need more details about this score bend fixture and other Mark-10 gripping fixtures or test stands, make sure to contact CSC Force Measurement directly and speak with one of our representatives. We can help you determine whether this particular fixture set is right for you and your needs.

Detailed Information Regarding the G1071

Additional details regarding these Mark-10 fixture sets include the weight of the upper die, which is 0.15 lb [0.07 kg], and the weight of the lower die, which is 0.30 lb [0.14 kg]. The upper die also includes a 5/16-18M to #10-32F thread adapter, as well as a #10-32 M/M stud with jam nuts. The lower die includes the mounting hardware required for the TAPPI test standards for T829 requirements. You can view a complete Data Sheet for the Mark-10 score bend fixture set on our website. It includes illustrations, measurement data, and specific descriptions of function for these widely used fixture sets.

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