Mark-10 Digital IndicatorsDesigned to work with a wide range of Mark-10 remote force and torque sensors, Mark-10 indicators feature a large, easy to read LCD screen that displays large characters. The menu is very intuitive, allowing for quick configuration of parameters and use of all available features for the gauge. The exclusive Plug & Test Technology was designed to allow for all calibration and configuration data to be stored on the smart connector of the sensor instead of on the force torque digital indicators. This helps to provide greater interchangeability, as all sensors are fully compatible with other Mark-10 indicators.

Mark-10 Indicators for Mark-10 Series Gauges

The force torque digital indicators from Mark-10 have been designed to work specifically with the menu structure and specifications associated with the related remote force and torque sensors. CSC Force Measurement carries the Mark-10 Series 3, Series 5 and Series 7 digital force gauges. We also carry the corresponding Mark-10 3i, 5i and 7i indicators to provide the best results and options for our customers. These products can also be used with a variety of Mark-10 force sensors and torque sensors, as well as other Mark-10 products, depending on the customer’s needs and specifications.

  • Series 3 Equipment – The 3i Mark-10 indicators work with the Series 3 Mark-10 force torque gauge to provide a sampling rate of 2,000 Hz, 1/1,000 resolution and data outputs via USB. Data capture and storage abilities, statistical calculations and output to PC, plus break detection capabilities provide the user with access to a lot of essential information and options for use. There are four units of measurement available with Series 3 equipment, and the operator has the option to use AC or rechargeable battery power for flexibility. Battery life provides up to seven hours of continuous use with the backlight on and up to 24 hours of continuous use with the backlight off.
  • Series 5 Equipment – The 5i Mark-10 indicators work with the Series 5 Mark-10 force torque gauge to provide a sampling rate of up to 7,000 Hz and offers password protection for individual keys and calibration. 1,000 point data memory with statistics for everything from min, max, mean and standard deviation and digital outputs via USB, RS-232, Mitutoyo, and analog, depending on the requirements of the project. Peak readings and set points are always displayed, however programmable set points with alarms and outputs can be adjusted accordingly. Averaging mode calculates average readings over time, and five selectable units of measurement are available. AC and battery power options are the same as what is available in the Series 3 equipment. Safe overload is available at up to 150 percent of full scale with a display feature for OVER at 110 percent and above.
  • Series 7 Equipment – The 7i Mark-10 indicators work with the Series 7 Mark-10 force torque gauge to provide a blazingly fast sampling rate of up to 14,000 Hz for extremely quick-action testing. High-speed continuous data capture and storage has memory for up to 5,000 readings and features programmable footswitch sequencing, break detection and 1st/2nd peak detection. Similar outputs, password protection, and AC or battery function as in Series 3 and 5 equipment are available in the Series 7 models, plus additional features and benefits. For example, five units of measurement are offered plus Coefficient of Friction and user-defined units with configurable names for increased custom options.

Not Sure What You Need?

If you are looking at purchasing remote force and torque sensors through CSC Force Measurement, but aren’t sure which model best suits your needs, you can contact our team for a free consultation. We can provide you with details that will help you effectively compare the various Mark-10 digital indicators, force and torque gauges, and sensors to find the best solution designed to meet or exceed your expectations. We carry a wide range of Mark-10 products, as well as other top industry brands, to help you achieve all of your goals accurately and efficiently.

Our value-added services at CSC Force Measurement include ISO17025 accredited calibration, which is included with most of the equipment that we sell, and technical support provided at no extra charge as long as you own the equipment. We can also provide professional assistance in selecting the correct product for your unique application and our expert advice is available before and after the sale for maximum benefit. Our team can even evaluate samples at no charge to ensure that the proper equipment is being purchased and we always guarantee prompt and friendly service across the board.

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