Mark-10 Gripping Fixtures, Cork Pull Fixtures, and Test Stands

mark-10 gripping fixturesWhen it comes to force measurement equipment, it is essential to ensure that every piece of machinery is designed to work and perform as it should to get consistent and reliable results. The Mark-10 brand of force measurement fixtures, test stands, and force gauges are designed to work together to provide dependable results. Mark-10 gripping fixtures and motorized test stand equipment can be used to provide a wide range of necessary measurements for the industry. Specific tools, such as the cork pull fixture, are designed to deliver pull force measurements by extracting a cork stopper out of a bottle to ensure conformance with ISO 9727. Not sure what you need to provide proper measurements for your business? Contact our team to discuss your goals, and we can help to match you with the right equipment.

Mark-10 Cork Pull Fixture

With a capacity of up to 2,000 pounds, the cork pull fixture from Mark-10 is designed to accommodate up to 1.5-liter bottles and is compatible with both natural and synthetic stoppers. You want to make sure that consumers will be able to safely and effectively open the bottle for your products, so they must be tested. To use the fixture, simply load the bottle onto the spring-loaded tray and secure the neck with the upper bracket. Mark-10 employs Delrin material in the areas where the fixture makes contact with the bottle to prevent any marring or breakage during testing. Once the bottle is safely in place, thread the provided corkscrew assembly into the cork and use the swiveling hook from the force gauge to engage the eyebolt at the end of the assembly.

Mark-10 recommends that the cork pull fixture be used with a force gauge and either the ES30 manual test stand or, if you prefer a motorized test stand, the ESM303 stand will be perfect for this type of testing. Due to the nature of the testing performed with bottles up to 1.5 liters in size, a column extension is required in order to accommodate the height of the cork pull fixture and the unit under test. When you purchase these Mark-10 gripping fixtures, you can expect to receive the base fixture, the corkscrew assembly, a large hook (G1035) 5/16-18, and a swivel adapter (G1018-2) 5/16-18, as well as all of the necessary test stand mounting hardware. The force gauge and test stand necessary to complete the testing is sold separately and can also be purchased through CSC Force Measurement.

Other Mark-10 Gripping Fixtures

In addition to the cork pull fixture, the Mark-10 brand manufactures and sells a wide variety of other gripping fixtures designed to be used with a standard or motorized test stand to perform pull force measurements and other types of force measurement testing. The G1111 Ribbon Wrap Grip is designed for testing according to ASTM D6775 for testing tape, textile webbing, and braided materials used in shipping, construction, and other industries. The Mark-10 G1056 Multi-Jaw Grip is a unique and universal grip that was designed to grip round or irregularly shaped items. Some of the applications it has been used for includes pull-off tests for clothing, toys, and other consumer goods.

CSC Force Measurement offers our customers a wide variety of unique gripping fixtures and accessories to meet all of their force measurement needs. Choose the Mark-10 gripping fixtures, force gauge, standard and motorized test stand equipment that matches the products that you are required to test. Gripping fixtures, including the cork pull fixture, are designed to adapt your testing equipment to be able to test a particular type of sample. The choices that you make in grips and accessories will either make or break your testing application. Contact our team directly to discuss your goals and needs – we offer free consulting services and support before and after your purchase. We can assist you in picking the proper grips, platens of fixtures based on your unique requirements. Give us a call toll-free at 1-800-866-FORCE, or use our online contact form to reach out to one of our team members. We also offer ISO 17025:2005 accredited calibration and factory-trained repair services, can test samples for you ahead of a purchase to ensure the best results, and sell new, pre-owned, and demo units to customers worldwide.