Mark-10 Gripping Fixtures: Syringe Compression Fixture Testing

syringe compression fixtureForce measurement testing instruments, such as the ESM303 test stand from Mark-10, are designed to be used with a wide range of gripping fixtures and accessories for accurate testing of specific products. One example is the syringe compression fixtures available from CSC Force Measurement and designed by Mark-10 to be used with their test stands. Like other Mark-10 gripping fixtures, the syringe compression fixture is designed to test the compression force of the syringe plunger. It can be drilled in the field to accommodate a variety of diameter barrels to allow for multiple product testing without requiring an additional fixture. The Mark-10 line of Series 7 digital force gauges are perfect for this application, providing the operator with the ability to capture initial and secondary peaks, as well as measure the average force over a period of time.

How Does It Work: Compression Platens

Mark-10 has a line of accessories designed to work with their force gauges and test stand equipment for force test measurement to serve various industries. The Mark-10 syringe compression fixture (G1089), along with general and high-capacity compression plates, fall into this category of compression platens. The compression plates are used with eye end adapters to mount them to Mark-10 force gauges, load cells, and test stands. The compression platens are ideal for use with situations that require the testing of things like springs, foams, and other materials. Choose from a variety of plate sizes ranging from two to three inches diameter, either with or without vented channels.

The syringe compression fixtures from Mark-10 is designed to secure a syringe assembly to the test stand for plunger compression force testing. This is an essential part of production for syringes, either designed for individual or professional medical use to ensure accurate and safe results. The capacity of this force test measurement tool is up to 100 pounds of Force (500 N), and features replaceable inserts, which can be drilled in the field up to 0.85 inches diameter. A removable cup tray helps to add versatility and function to this already valuable type of Mark-10 gripping fixtures. Not sure if these compression platens or fixtures are right for your needs? Contact CSC Force Measurement for a FREE consultation.

Syringe Compression Fixture
Similar to other products designed by the well-known Mark-10 brand, the syringe compression fixture is made using strong and durable materials with state-of-the-art construction to ensure the accurate and repeatable results. The fixture itself is made using nickel-plated aluminum upper and lower brackets, as well as anodized aluminum upright supports for long-lasting and repeated use. The cup plate is nickel-plated aluminum, the replaceable inserts are stainless steel, and the compression platens themselves are made from anodized aluminum. The selection of materials for these products is not done accidentally or half-heartedly, but intently to guarantee customer satisfaction and long use in a variety of different force test measurement settings.

Other Mark-10 Gripping Fixtures

In addition to the syringe compression fixture from Mark-10, CSC Force Measurement carries a wide range of unique gripping fixtures that you can choose to use with the Series 7 digital force gauge and Mark-10 ESM303 test stands. Some of those Mark-10 gripping fixtures include the wire terminal pull grip (G1076), standard vice grip, wedge grip miniature (G1062), loop tack fixture (G1098) and the popular bottle grip (G1023). Clevis grips, high capacity, three-point and four-point bend fixtures, along with cork pull fixtures, are some of the other products that we carry and sell to our clients. Roller grips, eccentric roller grips with high capacity, film and paper grips, filament grips, flip cap grips, and 90-degree peel fixtures are also sold on a regular basis.

General task and capacity Mark-10 gripping fixtures, including the Jacobs Chuck and Jacobs Chuck pin vice, loop tack fixture, multi-jaw grip, and parallel jaw grip come in a variety of sizes. If you are interested in learning more about the full line of force test measurement equipment, compression platens, fixtures, and accessories available from Mark-10, make sure to contact our team directly. As a stocking distributor for high-quality Mark-10 products, as well as force measurement equipment from Lloyd Instruments, CDI, Mecmesin, Chatillon, and Dillon, just to name a few, our team can assist you in getting the right test stands, force gauges, and products you need for your business. Give us a call at 1-800-866-FORCE to speak with one of our friendly customer service agents about your syringe compressor fixture testing concerns.